Quest Path of the Human Wizard

Basic information

ath of the Human Wizard — quest for the first profession of human-wizard. Opens access to professions Sorcerer, Necromancer and Warlock

The quest is available to players over 18th level, one-time quest.

Start NPC Zigaunt
Needed for profession Human Wizard
Level 18 ~ 85
Type One-time
EXP x 320 534
SP x 23 152
Adena x 163 800
1. Start NPC Parina is located in the village Gludin at the entrance to the Temple. Take from her quest.
Flame Salamander
2. Teleport to the Ruins of Despair from Gludio and find Flame Salamander talk and go west from the ruins.
Ratman Warrior
3. Find and kill Ratman Warrior lvl. 19 untill we'll get Key of Flame
Flame Salamander
4. Return to Flame Salamander give back Key of Flame and get Flame Earring then we go to Windawood Manor.
Wind Sylph
5. In the gorge of the manor we find Wind Sylph she'll give you Broken Bronze Mirror , that needs to be to be brought to the south of Wasterland.
Wasteland Lizardman
6. At the very entrance to the Ant Nest find Wasteland Lizardman give him the mirror and in return we get Wind Feather and return back.
Wind Sylph
7. Return to Wind Sylph , give Wind Feather and get Wind Bangle .
Water Undine
8. Go to the location Fellmere Lake and search between two lakes Water Undine after a dialogue with whom, going south to the house by the lake.
Water Seer
9. At the cabin above the lakes we find Water Seer lvl. 17 kill them untill you'll get 2 Sparkle Pebble
Water Undine
10. Return to Water Undine give 2 Sparkle Pebble and get Water Necklace
Earth Snake
11. On foot or across the city go to Ruins of Despair to Earth Snake , talk to her and get Rusty Coin
Red Bear
12. Run north-west, follow the road find Red Bear lvk. 14 , kill them untill you'll get Red Soil
Earth Snake
13. Return to Earth Snake, give Rusty Coin and Red Soil get instead Earth Ring
14. Get Flame Earring , Wind Bangle , Water Necklace и Earth Ring , go to Parina and in exchange for all accessories get Bead of Season
Levian High Preist

15. We find the High Priestess in the Temple Levian. We talk to her and get our first profession Human Wizard.

Completed quest opens access to professions: Sorcerer, Necromancer and Warlock