Autoloot Agathions Masterwork

Basic information

Don’t you know what to give to your healer? A graceful bracelet that calls for pretty agathion will melt the heart of any girl (or boy ?).
Don’t you want to waste coins on useless trinkets? The Masterwork team made sure that this ornament has found useful properties:

  • All Agathion Bracelets have a passive autoloot effect regardless of their cost, lifetime and appearance
  • To activate the autoloot it is enough to put on the bracelet, summoning Agathion isn't necessary

In addition, we added Agathion, which controls the level of vitality:

Autoloot Vitality Agathion - Angel Gift for 7 days
Passive skill — Autoloot
For activation put on the braclet

Active skill — Agathion's Gift
Agathion's Gift that restores 5000 points of Vitality and maintains the Vitality stage by 30 minutes. Re-use time: 3 hours.

Autoloot mechanics

Autoloot for a single player works as usual - items that fall out of the monsters are automatically placed in the player’s inventory.
Items falling out after the murder of a chaotic character (PK) aren't picked up by autoloot and remain on the ground.
Autoloot distance = 0..2500

Pay attention!
Drop is assigned to the character by the amount of damage dealt, not the last hit
If the monster deals more damage to the player’s targets than the player itself - items will fall to the ground

Damage from pet or summoned creature counts as damage from owner.
For example: the player dealt 1,000 damage, his pet dealt 800 damage. Total damage - 1,800 is used for calculation.

Autoloot in the group obeys the basic rules of distribution of fallen items:

  • Drop is assigned to the character by the amount of leveling applied, not the last punch
  • Drop assigned to a player with autoloot - the item is placed in the inlay taking into account the distribution settings in the group
  • Drop assigned to the player without autoloot - the item remains on the ground, when selected is distributed according to the settings of the group
  • If the other group made more damage to the monster, them items will fall to the ground

Pay attention!
Autloot doesn't automatically pick up items from Raid Bosses
Autoloot doesn't pick up automatically fallen from monsters potions (herbs) and the following items:

Agathion types and prices

Pay attention!
The difference in the price of perpetual Bracelets is due only to the appearance of Agathion. When making a purchase, you get the autoloot function regardless of the Bracelet's price.

Agation quest

To get acquainted with the work of agathion autoloot you don't need to immediately buy a permanent bracelet. Complete a short quest and get a temporary agathion valid for 3 hours. The timer on the barge is activated after the box is unpacked.

 Мандолина Барда (Bard's Mandolin)

Available: chars above 15th level
Everyday: quest
Start with NPC Swan:  Bard Swan
10 000 Adena
Gift Box with Autoloot 3 hour

Passing the quest
Bard Swan from Dion has fallen in love with no memory and asks to see to the delivery of a gift to his beloved.
Stage 1. Going to weapon trader Woodrow in Aden to see if the flute is ready.
Woodrow reports that the flute is ready and has already been sent. Further movements of the gift can be found in Giran Harbour from the gnome Galion. Let’s go to him.
Stage 2. Galion confirms that he has the flute from the rare horn. Take the flute and return to Swan in Dion.
Stage 3. Swan is glad that his gift is ready. Bard asks you to bring the flute and the letter to the beloved Nanarin, who lives nearby.
Stage 4. We find Nanarin behind the Dark Elf Guild. The elven likes the flute very much, but she asks me to tell Swan that he isn't the hero of her romance
Stage 6. Return to Swan. Bard begs you to tell him what Nanarin answered on the gift. Having heard the answer, Swan thanks for the help, gives a little adena and a box with temporary agathion. Response options do not affect the reward.

The story is continued. Return to Nanarin for details.

Agathion's appearance

The agathion choice is a fascinating deal - a small flying companion expresses the status, mood or wealth of the owner. Girls often choose agathions by appearance to complete the image. Sometimes you have to choose between beauty and use, but we have considered this moment. On Masterwork servers, all agathions have an autoloot effect, so players are free from the limitations of companion selection.

To help you navigate faster among dozens of agathions, we have collected screenshots in this section with the appearance of each. Hope it will help quickly and easily choose agathion that will delight you for a long time!

Autoloot Vitality Agathion - Angel Gift Autoloot Agathion - Shiny
Autoloot Agathion - Griffin Autoloot Agathion - Little Angel
Autoloot Agathion - Little Devil Autoloot Agathion - Monkey
Autoloot Agathion - Knight Autoloot Agathion - Collection
Autoloot Agathion - Plaipitak Autoloot Agathion - White Maneki Neko
Autoloot Agathion - Black Maneki Neko Autoloot Agathion - Brown Maneki Neko
Autoloot Agathion - Pegasus Autoloot Agathion - Bugbear
Autoloot Agathion - Red Sumo Wrestler Autoloot Agathion - Button-Eyed Bear Doll
Autoloot Agathion - Dryad Autoloot Agathion - Live Event Souvenir
Autoloot Agathion - Utanka Agathion Autoloot Agathion - Three-headed Dragon
Autoloot Agathion - Bamboo Panda Autoloot Agathion - Sexy Panda
Autoloot Agathion - One-Eyed Bat Drove Autoloot Agathion - Flower Fairy Spirit
Autoloot Agathion - Phoenix Autoloot Agathion - Antharas
Autoloot Agathion - Zaken Spirit Sword



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