Masterwork Club

Basic information

Masterwork E-Global has a special system that allows players to simplify and diversify their game progress — MW Club (Masterwork).

Special NPC Adventurers' Guide MW Club Manager provides access to various services that will help you in the game. Find the Adventurer's Guide you can in each city on the square and near the Gatekeeper.

Masterwork Club offers you the following opportunities:

  • Global chat of gold color (symbol >) for players of all levels. Available only if there is a MW Club Card
  • Magic support for characters and pets. Available to all players up to a certain level, depending on the stage of the server, High level players are only available if there is a MW Club Card
  • Club teleport. Available only if there is a MW Club Card
  • Ivory Coin Store. Available for all players
  • Server information. Available for all players
Adventurers' Guide Lineage 2

MW Club Card

MW Club Card — special item, allowing to use the full functionality of the MW Club.

You can buy the MW Club Card in the shop Personal Account and Donate Shop from NPC Butler MW Premium Store / Mewtler Like Butler, but , or from NPC Adventurers' Guide MW Club Manager

The card is stored in a quests inventory and has a timer indicating its validity. The timer works even when the character is out of game.

MW Club Card cost:

Master Coin — official project currency E-Global.
10 Master Coin = 1 dollar. Get Master Coin for donations in Personal Account on our site.

Magic support

Access to the support at different stages of the server

Masterwork servers develop with you — we customize support services for players at each stage of server development.

For each stage of the server we have different level range for free access to the service:

  • Interlude (1-60 lvl) — 1-39 level
  • Interlude (1-72 lvl) — 1-51 level
  • Gracia Final (1-78 lvl) — 1-59 level
  • Gracia Final (1-82 lvl) — 1-69 level
  • High Five (1-85 lvl) — 1-69 level

Buff up to level 70

Masterwork Club supports newbies and offers its magic support. The free character and pet buff is available to low level players at the NPC Adventurer's Guide . Use ready-made buffs or select from the list.

Buffer E-Global Masterwork

Buffs for grew-up characters

The E-global team offers advanced access to magic support for experienced players. It includes standard maximum level effects, combo buffs, rhythms and the ability to create a personal profile of buffs. The list and level of available effects depends on the stage of development of the server.

Use the-extended access can only owners of Club Card , who are above the "free" range.

Buffer E-Global Masterwork


Rhythms — a new system that combines songs and dances for the convenience of players. Each rhythm combines several standard effects.

Magic Masterwork Club Support offers players a weakened rhythm that allows bards to stay relevant in the gameplay. List of Masterwork Club rhythms:

Rhythm Effect
Club Rhythm of Critical Lv. 1 Increases Critical Damage by 17.5% and Critical Chance by 50% for 1 hour
Club Rhythm of Benefit Lv. 1 Increases Accuracy by 2, Evasion by 2 and HP regeneration by 10% for 1 hour
Club Rhythm of Defence Lv. 1 Increases P. Def. by 12.5% and M. Def. by 15% for 1 hour
Club Rhythm of Power Lv. 1 Increases M. Atk. by 10% and P. Atk. by 6% for 1 hour
Club Rhythm of Rage Lv. 1 Decreases magic cancel damage by 20. Increases Casting Spd. by 15% and Attack Spd. by 7.5% for 1 hour
Club Rhythm of Body Lv. 1 Increases Max HP by 15% and Moving Speed by 10 for 1 hour
Club Rhythm of Reflection Lv. 1 Vampiric effect +4%, Reflect damage +7,5% for 1 hour
Club Rhythm of Clarity Lv. 1 Increases MP Recovery Bonus by 10%. Decreases re-use time by 10%. Decreases magical skill MP consumption by 7.5% and physical skill MP consumption by 2.5% for 1 hour
Club Rhythm of Dominance Lv. 1 Increases magic damage's Critical Rate by 50%. Decreases MP Consumption by 10% and Cooldown by 5% for physical/sing/dance skill use for 1 hour

Pay attention!
Rhythms in the club buff are only available at the later stages of the season and on the Eternal server

Buffer Rhythms E-Global Masterwork

Personal Profile

The services of the Masterwork Club are designed for comfortable game of the players at our project. Club members have access to the "Club Profile" function — create a personal set of buffs and become stronger in one click!

Personal profile creates in 3 steps:

  • Click "Start Recording" button
  • Go to the list of buffs and select the needed buffs
  • Click the "Stop recording" button

Done! Now you can get the selected set of buffs with one click on the button "Club Profile".
Changing the saved profile is easy — write a new set and save it.

How to record a club profile E-Global Masterwork
Recording buff profile E-Global Masterwork
How to save a club profile E-Global Masterwork

Club teleport

E-Global team appreciates every moment of the game and made sure that the players of our project don't waste their time. Masterwork Club members have access to lists of free teleports to popular locations — cities and arenas, catacombs and necropolis and hunting zones, collected by levels.

Club teleport E-Global Masterwork
Club teleport — Towns and arenas
Club teleport — Start village
Club teleport — Catacombs and Necropolis
Club teleport — Locations 1-20
Club teleport — Locations 21-40
Club teleport — Locations 41-64
Club teleport — Locations 65-74
Club teleport — Locations 75-85
Club teleport — Locations High Five
Club teleport — Epic bosses

Daily quests

The crying of hundreds of players who forgot to take or pass daily quests reached the heart of the developers. In July 2023 we’ve moved from daily quests to mission system.

Now you do not need to run to the NPC to take the daily quest — mission assignments are counted automatically. You only need to receive an award. To do this, open the mission menu via Quick access menu in the right part of the screen and select the completed ones. Remember to click "Refresh" at the bottom of the window to update mission progress status.

For more information about missions, see the article Missions on Masterwork

Ivory Coin Shop MW 2022

Ivory Coin — project event currency. Coins are the reward for achievements, daily quests, participation in promotions at the forum and in the social networks of the project. Coins are personal — they can't be transferred, sold or bought.

Exchange Ivory Coin’s at the club store for useful items — Experience Runes and Sp, consumables, shadow weapons, shirts, scrolls and stones for enchanting weapons and armor. The product amount and prices of the Ivory Coin store depend on the stage of the server.