Quest Temple Champion - 1

Quest Temple Champion - 1
Start NPC Sylvain
Level 32 ~ 85
Type One-time / Third quest in the chain
EXP x 250 000
SP x 35 000
Adena x 63 740
Previous quest in the chain — Temple Missionary
Opens the access to the quest — Temple Champion - 2

Pay attention!
The characters of level 45 and higher get reward in EXP and SP

Completing of the quest Temple Champion - 1

Sylvain l2
1. Start NPC High Priest Sylvain situated in the Dion's temple, talk to him and get the quest Temple Champion - 1.
Sylvain l2
2. High Priest Sylvain demands to pass the exam. Choose these varients:

1 question - Schuneimann
2 question - Humans
3 question - The Temple of Einhasad should be the center of all power

After these correct answer we'll get the task to kill monsters
Sylvain l2
3. Go out from the eactern gates of Dion and run to the Execution Grounds. Find monsters

Amber Basilisk lvl. 30
Strain lvl. 31
Ghoul lvl. 32
Granite Golem lvl. 33
Dead Seeker lvl. 34
Hangman Tree lvl. 35

Kill them untill you'll get 30 items Report Fragment
Sylvain l2
4. Go back in Dion to Sylvain, Give quest items. Read or skip the story and get reward for the quest.

Next quest in the chain — Temple Champion - 2