Quest Temple Champion - 2

Quest Temple Champion - 2
Start NPC Sylvain
Level 35 ~ 85
Type One-time / Fourth quest in the chain
EXP x 325 000
SP x 46 000
Adena x 95 000
Previous quest in the chain — Temple Champion - 1
Opens the access to the quest — Shadow Fox - 1

Pay attention!
The characters of level 45 and higher get reward in EXP and SP

Completing of the quest Temple Champion - 2

Sylvain l2
1. Start NPC High Priest Sylvain situated in the Dion's temple, talk to him and get the quest.
Pupina l2
2. Teleport to the Giran and find there in temple Priest Pupina. During the talk choose varient — I belive that Einhazad prefers mersy to blind obedience. I will certainly help if I can...
Angus l2
3. Then go to the Dark Elf Guild and speak to the Grand Master Angus, agree to koll monsters.
Wyrm l2
4. Teleport to the Dragon Valley, in the Death Pass find monsters

Wyrm lvl. 35
Guardian Basilisk lvl. 36
Road Scavenger lvl. 37
Fettered Soul lvl. 38

Kill monsters untill you'll get 10 items Relics of the Dark Elf Trainee
Angus l2
5. Then go to the Dark Elf Guild in Giran and speak to the Grand Master Angus. Give him quest items and get Angus Recommendation
Pupina l2
6. Go back to the temple to the Priest Pupina. Talk to her and get Pupina's Recommendation
Sla l2
7. Teleport to Dion, then to the Dion Planes. Near the gatekeeper you'll see Prophet Sla
Read or skip the story and go back to Dion.
Sylvain l2
8. In Dion go back to the High Priest Sylvain. Talk to him and get reward for the quest.

Next quest in the chain — Shadow Fox - 1