Quest Relic Exploration

Relic Exploration
Start NPC Head Blacksmith Kusto
Level 40 ~ 85
Type One-time / First quest in the chain
EXP x 60 000
SP x 3 000
Adena x 18 100
Opens access to quests:
Nikola's Cooperation
Art of Persuasion

Completing of the quest Relic Exploration

1. Start NPC Head Blacksmith Kusto is located in the Blacksmith in Giran. Take his quest Relic Exploration.
2. Through Dion go to the location Cruma Tower, right from the exit behind the stone looking for Researcher Lorain , talk to her.
3. Not far to the left of a large flying artifact with a crystal find Maestro Nikola, talk to him and get the reward.
Then select one of the answer options for the next task:

"I'm not asking you to help me for free". Beggins the quest Nikola's Cooperation

"How long are you two going to fight?" Beggins the quest Art of Persuasion.

Pay attention!
At the end of the quest you have to choose what you want to do. On this depends which next quest you will do!
If you choose the wrong option, abort the quest and talk to Nikola again to take the right one.

Next quest in the chain:
Nikola's Cooperation
Art of Persuasion