Quest Contract Completion

Contract Completion
Start NPC Blueprint Seller Luka
Level 42 ~ 85
Type One-time / Fourth quest in the chain
EXP x 309 467
SP x 20 614
Adena x 121 527
Previous quest in the chain — Contract Execution

Completing of the quest Contract Completion

1. Start NPC Blueprint Seller Luka is located in the Blacksmith of Oren. Take his quest Contract Completion and get Metallograph - Decipher Pattern
2. Teleport to Dion, from there to the Cruma Tower. To the right of the exit behind the stone we find Researcher Lorain and talk to her.
3. Teleport to Dion, find in the Temple Priest Shegfield, talk to him.
4. Return back to the Cruma Tower and talk to Researcher Lorain
5. In Giran we run to the Blacksmith to Head Blacksmith Kusto, pass the quest and receive the reward.