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«Blazing Swamp» update

November 27 — update installation. The patch note has already been published!


«Forest of the Dead» update

Installed November 20th. Patch note on the forum


MasterWork II — Two Legends of Autumn

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The new season started:

Current Update

Comfortable game

In MasterWork, the rate of development is not tied to rates and changes from the stage of server development and it's economy. The strict maximum level limit in each patch allows all players to reach the upper limit of the main character development almost simultaneously.
Choose your path:
  • Main game — play at a comfortable tempo. You will not fall behind the bulk of players, even if you will devote a few hours a day to the game.
  • Hard mode — for lovers of challenge. After reaching the maximum basic level of the experience stage, the rate drops to x0.1-x0.01.
Do not relax reaching the coveted maximum level — you still have access to getting high grade gear through blood and pain.

Cruma Tower

October 27, 20:00 — November 5
At the beginning of the game lay the foundation for the game in the nearest patches. Enchanted sets are available and relevant longer than you used to. For fans of "thrills" is a great period for competition with top players for key locations and first positions in the ranking.

It will be useful to know:

  • Bonuses for academics
  • Quests «Temple Executor» and Missions
  • Effects of equipment enchantment

EXP Increased: 1-19 Levels

Main game: 20-56 Levels

Hard Mode: 56+ Levels

Actual: D/C-Grade

Difficult: B-Grade

New: Subclass quest

Frozen Labyrinth

November 6 — November 12
Now available comfortable creation of equipment B-Grade, there is an opportunity to occupy profitable locations for resource extraction without a level penalty. For those who like to become more difficult become the available loot of equipment A-Grade.

It will be useful to know:

  • New quest for subclass from level 52
  • Skill mechanics from subclasses
  • Monitoring of the Raid Bosses

EXP Increased: 1-39 Levels

Main game: 40-59 Levels

Hard Mode: 60+ Levels

Actual: C/B-Grade

Difficult: A-Grade

New: Castles Siege

Devil Pass

November 13 - November 19
A comfortable creation of A grade equipment is available, the markups for creating items of the current Grade have been simplified. Access to Pailaka - Legacy of the Devil and new Missions is now available. And at the end of the week, the first period of the Olympiad awaits you. The focus of attention of players shifts to the locations: ToI, LoA, BS, SoS, WoA, Devil Pass.

It will be useful to know:

  • Updated Olympiad
  • New Missions
  • Actual Stage Locations: ToI, LoA, BS, SoS, WoA, Devil Pass
  • Redesigned Devil Pass location

Experience increased: levels 1-52

Main game: levels 52-63

Difficulty mode: 64+ levels

Actual: C grade, B grade, A grade

New: Grand Olympiad


  • Pailaka - Legacy of the Devil levels 58-70
  • Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss) levels 63-66
  • Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss) level 69

Forest of the Dead

November 20 - November 26
As part of the update, merchants in cities have begun selling Top C grade equipment,Low B-Grade equipment has been added to the Luxury Shop. Players can expect content expansion: increase in the number of Instances and addition of Epic Boss, introduction of new author's location. Increased number of castles available for siege, for which the first Heroes of the Olympiad will fight.

It will be useful to know:

  • The new quest "High Ambition" in the Wall of Argos
  • Updated location "The Wall of Argos"
  • New location Cloud Mountain 68-72
  • Schuttgart and Innadril castles available
  • Epic Boss Zaken
  • Adding Instance Zones:
    • Castle dungeon
    • Fortress dungeon
    • Zaken

Experience increased: levels 1-56

Main game: 56-67 levels

Difficulty mode: 68+ levels

Actual: B grade, A grade

Difficult:Best weapon of A grade

New:First Heroes

New: Cloud Mountain location

Blazing Swamp

November 27-December 3
Access to the quest chain for gaining noblesse is opened. Do not forget to pump subclasses to the maximum available level - they are deprived of almost all the usual restrictions and are as relevant as the main class of your character. At the end of the week, everyone will be able to try their hand at the Grand Olympiad again.

It will be useful to know:

  • Quest for noblesse
  • Mechanics of skills from subclasses
  • Updated locations: Lair of Antaras, Stakato's Nest, Wall of Argos
  • Mid Company

Experience increased: levels 1-59

Main game: 60-69 levels

Difficult mode: 70+ levels

Actual: B grade, A

Olympiad: 2nd period

New: Noblesse quest

Tower of Insolence

December 4-December 10
The Kamael race becomes available for play. It's a good time to reconfigure your group for further development. Prepare for the 3rd class - the quest in the Hot Springs and the Alliance with Varka/Ketra are available from level 72. Level up one of the party's trust levels to unlock access to obtaining S grade recipes. For newcomers, the Elite Shop and Kits have been updated. For the bravest of the brave, the number of castles to siege has been increased and the ability to craft S Grade at an increased cost to fight in it for the new Epic Boss is available.

It will be useful to know:

  • Alliance with Varka / Ketra
  • Skills of the Camael race
  • Castles of Rune, Goddard, Aden.
  • Creating S Grade items

Experience increased: 1-63 levels

Main game: 64-71 levels

Difficulty mode: 72+ levels

Actual: A grade

New: Territorial Wars

New: Epic Boss Baium

New Race: Kamael

Hot Springs

December 11-December 17
Starting from level 74, you will be able to farm high level Interlude locations. The first heroes of the Kamael race will be chosen this week based on the results of the Olympiad. For those who like to play harder, S grade equipment with increased crafting cost is available.

The highlights of PvP are here:

  • Forge of the Gods, Imperial Tomb
  • Monastery of Silence, Pagan Temple
  • Primeval Island

Experience increased: 1-65 levels

Main game: 66-74 levels

Difficult mode: 75+ levels

Actual: A grade

Difficult: S grade

Olympiad: 3rd period

Ketra & Varka

December 18-December 24
You can now get your 3rd class transfer and start enchanting skills. Creating S grade equipment is available to everyone at standard prices. To obtain recipes, you need to get a level 4 and 5 alliance with Varka or Ketra, so you'll have battles to fight for the right raid bosses. At the end of the week, Clans and Alliances will battle it out in Castle Sieges and Territorial Wars.

Would be useful to know:

  • Reworked skill enchanting branches
  • S grade equipment obtaining methods
  • Conditions and respawning of RBs in Varka/Ketra

Experience increased: levels 1-67

Main game: 68-75 levels

Difficult mode: 76+ levels

Actual: A grade, S grade

Battles: Territorial Wars

Battles: Castle Siege

Forge of Gods

December 25-December 31
The week before New Year's Eve is not a good time to play actively, so there will be no major updates for the next 2 weeks! It's time to enjoy the preparation for the holidays, the New Year's atmosphere and the event. At a leisurely pace get level 78 and get access to the strongest skills of your class. A new Instance has been unlocked for those who are still in the gaming mood.

Special for you:

  • New Year event
  • Weekend from the Siege and Olympiad
  • Instances of Twins and Bailor

Experience increased: levels 1-69

Main game: levels 70-77

Difficult Mode: levels 78+

Actual: S grade

New: Access to level 78 skills

Instance: Twins and Bailor

Primeval Isle

After the holidays, you can gradually get back on track. If you haven't gotten level 78 yet, it's time to finish it, and don't forget about subclasses. Let's tidy up our equipment, because the next update is coming up - opening access to the attribute system and new Instances. There will be more and more massive battles in the game world, as new Epic Bosses are introduced.

Special for you:

  • New Year event
  • Weekend from the Siege and Olympiad
  • Instances of Orfen and the Core

Experience increased: levels 1-70

Main game: 71-78 levels

Difficult mode: 79+ levels

Actual: S grade

Difficult: return sober

Instance: Orfen and Core

New: Antharas and Valakas

New: Market

Uncharted Lands

The fog of war blocks your view, you can't see anything

Uncharted Lands

The fog of war blocks your view, you can't see anything

Uncharted Lands

The fog of war blocks your view, you can't see anything

Uncharted Lands

The fog of war blocks your view, you can't see anything

Inaccessible lands

None but devils play past here

Inaccessible lands

None but devils play past here

Inaccessible lands

None but devils play past here

Inaccessible lands

None but devils play past here

Inaccessible lands

None but devils play past here

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