Pailaka — Devil's Legacy

"...Lematan was a pirate who wanted Zaken’s treasures... In the end he succeeded, but the treasures had their own special power. As soon as Lematan touched the treasure, a terrible curse fell on him. I saw myself how the bodies of his henchmen changed terribly...
But this is not the end yet. They were swallowed up by an unspeakable darkness... As if a hole had formed in space. Soon the captain and the ship’s crew were drawn there... Later on, I knew it was called Kamaloka or Pailaka... a part of our world that found itself in a separate reality..."

Survived from the Devil's Isle

Basic infromation

Pailaka - a one-time quest strictly limited in level. To accomplish it players have to pass a special instance. Experience and SP points, useful items and Vitality points are awarded for passing an instance and killing the final boss.

Pay attention!
In basic version of game Pailaka - Devil's Legacy available for chars 61 ~ 67 level
On Masterwork servers this quest is available for players 58 ~ 70 level

Passing the quest

Talk to NPC Devil's Isle Survivor left of the temple in Giran to begin the quest.
He will move the character to an instance-copy of the Devil's Isle. On completion of the instance is given 90 minutes. time until repeated passage in case of failure - 180 min.

Devil's Isle Survivor

Devil's Isle Map

— Entrance to the instance
— Devil's Isle Supporter and Dwarf Adventurer
 1  Kams Panuka lvl. 61
 2  Hikoro Panuka lvl. 61
 3  Alkaso Panuka lvl. 64
 4  Gerbera Panuka lvl. 64
 5  Lematan lvl. 64

Devil's Isle Map

Useful information

On the different parts of the Devil's Isle you will meet Treasure Chest and Powder Keg.

Break the Treasure Chest, to get useful items:

Powder Keg Explodes and deals damage across a square if attacked. Use ranged or tiger skills to deal damage to monsters near barrels.

"Recently pirates appeared from the sky, endowed with mighty power, and captured Devil’s Isle! It seems that they got their hands on the Treasure of Zaken! Nobody expected this to happen. After their appearance local monsters became much more aggressive and now no one can get to the island.

Near the entrance to the Devil’s Isle cave, talk to the NPC Devil's Isle Supporter .

Get from Supporter Ancient Legacy Sword A
Equipped sword adds skill Summon Tigress
Summons Tigress that will help in the fight with monsters.

"This sword was among the ancient treasures. It can be used to defeat those who are under the curse. The damned so feared this sword that they divided its power into parts and sealed it in scrolls.

...It seems only Dwarf Adventurers stayed on the island. If you have a sword and scroll to enchant it, the Dwarf will help refine this weapon..."

Devil's Isle Supporter

"You will encounter the Lematan Group on the island. Particular attention should be paid to Kams, Hikoro, Alkaso and Gerbera. Some of them carry with them a scroll increasing the power of the weapon. Kill all four, get the scroll, enchant the weapon, and then punish Lematan himself."

From the conversation with the Supporter we learn that the leaders keep scrolls enchant weapon. Let’s go in search.

First target — KamsPanuka lvl. 61, lives in the second room. Kill Kams using quest weapon.

After the monstar's death you'll get Pailaka Weapon Upgrade Stage 1
Having received the scroll, we go in search of the dwarf who will help enchant the weapon.


"Finally came the traveler with the Sword of Ancient Legacy! You have extraordinary abilities, since you could get here!"

In couple of rooms we meet Dwarf Adventurer

After our dialod the dwarf will enchance the weapon to Enhanced Ancient Legacy Sword Don't forget to unsummon the tiger to give the weapon for enchancing.

Enhanced Ancient Legacy Sword have new abilities — Ice Ball, after use cause damage.
The Dwarf informs us that the weapon can be enchanced once more. Let’s go in search of the next scroll.

Dwarf Adventurer

Next target — Hikoro Panuka lvl. 61, is in the second barrel room.
Don’t forget that barrels explode on attack and deal decent damage to the area. This can be used when fighting monsters and Hikoro.

There's no drop from this monster, looking for Lematan’s next henchman.


Find Alkaso Panuka lvl. 64 in the back of the caves.
Kill the old pirate and obtain the scroll Pailaka Weapon Upgrade Stage 2


Talk to the Dwarf Adventurer who is in the same room. He enchants our weapon to Complete Ancient Legacy Sword A

Complete Ancient Legacy Sword has new skill — Ice Ball, cause damage when use.

The sword is enchanced on max, now it's time to find Lematan.

Dwarf Adventurer

On the way to the last boss, kill another henchman — Gerbera Panuka lvl. 64


On Masterwork servers we added NPC Zaken's Teleporter which will send you from "tongue" directly to the entrance to the ship, by passing an unpleasant place with a complex geodate.

Zaken's Teleporter

Near the waterfall we meet the final boss — Lematan lvl. 64

To avoid fighting Lematan’s servants, take the boss directly to the deck. When Lematan has a little health left, he will start running away. Kill your boss before he runs or summons servants after returning to the deck.


After Lematan’s death, the Dwarf Adventurer will appear on deck. Talk to him to get the reward.

"Does your body seem a little blurry? I immediately thought you were from another world. I guess I was right?.. You appeared as suddenly as those pirates did... Anyway, thank you!

Dwarf Adventurer

Reward for basic game version

  4 010 000 EXP
  1 235 000 SP
  20 000 Vitality points
Pailaka Bracelet B
Scroll of Escape

Reward on Masterwork serverk

Stage Interlude (levels 1-60) Stage Interlude (levels 1-72) Stage Gracia Final (levels 1-79) Stage High Five (levels 1-83)
Quest unavailable   4 010 000 EXP
  1 235 000 SP
  20 000 Vitality points
Pailaka Bracelet B
MW Vitality Pie
Blessed Scroll of Escape
  8 020 000 EXP
  2 470 000 SP
  20 000 Vitality points
Pailaka Bracelet B
MW Vitality Pie
Blessed Scroll of Escape
  12 030 000 EXP
  4 705 000 SP
  20 000 Vitality points
Pailaka Bracelet B
MW Vitality Pie
Blessed Scroll of Escape



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