Crypts of Disgrace. Update and quests

Crypts of Disgrace? Shallow graves of exiled tribal leaders! Most of these chiefs were killed but death failed рold their vengeful fury! What?... the Plateau of Immortality? Who cares about Orc tombs at all. The grave is the grave, Really? We all get one at the end of the day!

Basic information

In the Gracia Epilogue update, the location of Crypts of Disgrace was redesigned as a hunting area high level. 80+ level monsters appeared in the fields, and a quest was added to the locations to get recipes Dynasty Weapons.

The crypts inhabit humanoids with great health, strong defense from the attribute of Earth and Darkness, strong physical and magical attack and defense, resisting all weapons except the spear. Location will fit for small groups, spear warriors are most comfortable due to the vulnerability of monsters to this type of weapon. Large number of monsters in the location allows you to collect monsters into groups, which is convenient for farming using massive skill.


Contaminated Morek Warrior l2

Contaminated Batur Warrior l2

Contaminated Batur Commander l2

Quest for Dynasty recipe

Starter NPC Karuda
Level 80 ~ 85
Type Repeated
name l2

Completing of the quest Ghosts of Batur

1. Talk to NPC Karuda in Crypts of Disgrace.

2. Find and kill monsters:

Contaminated Morek Warrior Lvl. 81
Contaminated Batur Warrior Lvl. 81
Contaminated Batur Commander Lvl. 81

For killing monsters you will get Cursed Burial Items

3. After accumulating enough jewelry, return to Karuda and exchange them for rewards:


Recipe - Dynasty Sword (60%) NG
Recipe - Dynasty Blade (60%) NG
Recipe - Dynasty Phantom (60%) NG
Recipe - Dynasty Bow (60%) NG
Recipe - Dynasty Knife (60%) NG
Recipe - Dynasty Halberd (60%) NG
Recipe - Dynasty Cudgel (60%) NG
Recipe - Dynasty Mace (60%) NG
Recipe - Dynasty Bagh-Nakh (60%) NG
Leonard NG
Adamantine NG
Orichalcum NG
Recipe - Dynasty Sword (60%) NG


Cursed Burial Items (x500)