Love Talisman 10 Days

You will receive active skill "Love Power", that will increase your Max CP, HP, MP, PvE damage, speed and MP consumption during enchanting.
Bonuses will depends on enchantment rate of Talismans, maximum level +7.

When equipped will provide bonuses of all Passive Yellow Talismans, aka Attack, Defense, Speed and Regeneration:
- P.Atk. +22; M.Atk. +30;
- Atk.Spd. +15; Cast.Spd. +12;
- Crit.Power +30;
- P. Def. +35; M. Def. +30;
- Crit.Power received -100; reduces Crit.Chance of your attackers by 3%;
- Moving Speed +5; Accuracy +2; Evasion +2;
- Healing power +40; CP, HP, MP Regeneration +10%.

M.Def. 0
Weight 0
Can it be enchanted? Yes
Can it be used at the Olympiad? Yes
Item skills
Restrictions Private warehouse Clan warehouse Transfer by account
Trade Drop Private Store