Requiem Shaper r

Can bestow 2 regular Soul Crystals and 1 Special Soul Crystal. Increases P. Atk. Critical Damage when enchanted to +4.

<How to Enchant>
Can be enchanted with a Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade).

<How to Upgrade>
Use a Scroll of Blessing: Weapon (R-grade) to upgrade to a Blessed Weapon through the Head Blacksmith in each of the villages.

Type Dagger / Right-Handed
P. Atk. 380
M. Atk. 189
Soulshot Consume 1
Spiritshot Consume 1
Weight 1520
Сritical 12
Accuracy -3.75
Can be enchanted? Yes
Can be attributed? Yes
Can be used on Olympiad? Yes
Item Skills
Limitations Private Warehouse Clan Warehouse Can Transfer in Account
Trade Drop Private Store