Saga of the Titan

In ancient times, Orcish warriors were as powerful as giants! One Orc Warrior is bringing that power to life once again.

1: The Pilgrimage Begins
In ancient times, Orcs were strong enough to defeat the giants! What happened? Where did their power go? Speak with Prefect Lakan in the Town of Goddard.

2: Find the Legendary Dish
Prefect Lakan doesn't want to remember his embarrassing moments, but may tell you if you bring him some bitter cold vodka, the nectar of the Orcs! Master Chef Donath in Goddard can make it for you.

3: Searching for Ingredients
Chef Donath needs ice crystals to make bitter cold vodka. You can get some ice crystals if you do what Chef Jeremy asks.

4: Completed Dish
Master Chef Donath makes you the bitter cold vodka. He said it is of slightly lower quality than the real stuff, but should be good enough. Take it to Prefect Lakan in the Town of Goddard.

5: The First Communion
You've got the Stone of Commune. Commune with the Tablet of Vision just south of the Tower of Insolence.

6: Guardians of the Stone of Commune
The Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge near the Tablet of Vision have the second Stone of Commune. Destroy them and take their Stone of Commune.

Monsters to Hunt - Guardian of Forbidden Knowledge

7: The Second Communion
You've got the Stone of Commune from the Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge. Commune with the Tablet of Vision.

8: Meaning of Power
After communing with the second tablet, you feel Fallen Noble Orc Muhark, Lakan's disciple waiting for you at the third tablet. Read all you can about him and get ready for a vicious battle.

Monster to Hunt - Fallen Noble Orc Muhark

9: The Third Communion
You defeated Muhark and took his Stone of Commune. His obsession with power was his downfall. He became a mere servant of giants and machines. What does ultimate power really mean?
Commune with the third tablet.

10: A Time to Choose
Seer Skahi of the Town of Goddard has the fourth Stone of Commune. Visit him and get it.

11: Joining the Ketras
To get the Divine Stone of Wisdom, you must gain the trust of the Ketra Orcs. Speak with Wahkan, their messenger.

12: Joining the Varka Silenos
To get the Divine Stone of Wisdom, you decided to help the Varka Silenos. Prove yourself to their messenger, Ashanuk, and gain the trust of the Varka Silenos.

13: The Fourth Communion
You've got the fourth Stone of Commune. Go to the fourth tablet and commune with it.

14: Meet Skahi
As he predicted, the fifth Stone of Commune was in the hands of Seer Skahi. Meet him and ask him about the fifth Stone of Commune.

15: Halisha's Minions
The Archon of Halisha has the fifth Stone of Commune. Lure the archon out by attacking his minions in the Shrine of Loyalty or attack him inside the Imperial Tomb.

Monsters to Hunt -
Shrine of Loyalty: Grave Scarab, Scavenger Scarab, Grave Ant, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Knights, Shrine Guards, Archon of Halisha
Imperial Tomb: Archon of Halisha

16: The Fifth Communion
You've got the fifth Stone of Commune. Now head to the fifth tablet. It is in the northwestern corner of the Wall of Argos.

17: The Devil's Hand
During the fifth communion, you saw the relic of the enormous giants that made Muhark fall, the machine that carries out a forgotten command, Grandpapa Askalius. It was waiting beside the sixth Tablet of Vision. Can you really fight against his power?

Monster to Hunt - Grandpapa Askalius

18: The Sixth Communion
After defeating Grandpapa Askalius, Sake Dun gave you the Stone of Commune. Use it to perform the sixth communion.

19: Flames of Pa'agrio
Orcs are a tribe of flames. Their power is infinite! Return to Prefect Tazki and discuss the power to fight against giants.

20: Preparation for Occupation Change
You aren't skilled enough to actually do what you've learned during your pilgrimage. Train until you reach level 76 and then return to Prefect Tazki.


Exp NG x2299404
Adena NG x5000000
Quest information
Level 76 ~ 85
Start NPC Tazki