Certified Arbalester

In order to get Female Kamael Second Class Arbalester, find and contact hidden Advanced Intelligence Unit and pass the test of that organization.

1: Secret Organization
To find the clue necessary for changing your class to Arbalester, you must locate their secret organization. Speak with Master Rindy to obtain information about the secret organization.

2: Bait
Dion Castle Dark Elf Magister Clayton is said to possess information that may be of interest to the secret organization. In exchange, they may be willing to make you an Arbalester. Go and find out.

3: Clayton's Favor
To get the information you need, you must do a favor for Clayton. Go to Floran Village and collect materials for his magical experiments.

Monsters to Hunt: Watchman of the Plains, Roughly Hewn Rock Golem, Delu Lizardmen Supplier, Delu Lizardmen Special Agent, Cursed Seer, Delu Lizardmen Commander, Delu Lizardmen Shaman

4: Crystals Collected
You have collected all the Enmity Crystals requested by Clayton. Deliver them to him in exchange for the secret information he promised.

5: Delivery
According to Clayton, Blacksmith Poitan has a very important secret. Subtly ask Poitan while you are delivering Clayton's magical materials.

6: The Giants' Archive
Warehouse Keeper Holvas, a friend of Poitan, knows something about the Archive of Giants that concerns the recently discovered Kamael race. Go and investigate.

7: Manuscript Pieces
Holvas' messenger has been ambushed and the Manuscript of Giants has been scattered. Collect all the pieces of the manuscript in the Execution Grounds and bring them to Holvas to learn about the secrets it contains.

Monsters to Hunt: Amber Basilisk, Strain, Ghoul, Granite Golem, Dead Seeker, Hanged Man Ripper

8: All Pieces Obtained
All the pieces of manuscript have been collected. Return to Holvas and put them all together to learn the contents of the manuscript.

9: Secret Password
The manuscript contains a secret encoded message written in an ancient Kamael language. Take it to Grand Master Meldina for decoding.

10: Secret Organization Inquisitor
You have finally made contact with the Secret Organization! It is said to be the finest of its kind among the Kamael. In order to take its test, visit Grand Master Selsia in Hunters Village.

11: Investigation of Assault Case
Investigate the assault on a high-ranking Giran officer; it may be related to an important secret of the Kamael.

Monsters to Hunt: Grandis

12: Wirepuller of the Assault
Grandis has been terminated and a Fragment of Grandis' Attack Orders has been acquired. Part of the Ivory Tower Wizard's Seal is shown. If the rest of the order pieces are found, it will be possible to discover who is behind this. Collect the rest of the order fragments.

Monsters to Hunt - Grandis.

13: Wirepuller of the Assault
You collect the entirety of Grandis' Attack Orders and have discovered that the seal on them belongs to Ivory Tower Magister Gaius. Go to Gaius and ask about the assault.

14: Research Document on the Giants' Whereabouts
Gaius says that he instigated the assault in order to stop the Research Document of Giants, which contains an important secret of the Kamael, from falling into the hands of Beleth. The document had disappeared following the attack of the Manashen Gargoyle in the Ivory Tower Crater while it was being transported to the Ivory Tower. Investigate Manashen Gargoyle.

Monsters to Hunt: Manashen Gargoyle

15: Manipulation Scroll
You have acquired a fragment of the Manipulation Scroll that Manashen used to attack the messenger carrying the research document. Collect all the pieces to find out who it is.

Monsters to Hunt: Manashen

16: Owner of Scroll
All of the Manipulation Scroll has been collected. The owner of Scroll seems to be the Ivory Tower Magister Gauen. Meet Gauen and ask what happened to the Stolen Research Document on Giants.

17: Desire of Wizards
You visit Gauen, who tells you that Magister Kaiena was the true mastermind. Visit her.

18: Where is Truth?
Magister Kaiena claims she was tricked by Gauen when she tried to stop Beleth from obtaining the Research Document of the Giants. Sorting out who is telling the truth will take some time. Go report to Selsia.

19: Research Document on the Giants' Whereabouts
After hearing your report, Selsia tells you that another team's investigation has uncovered that the Crimson Lady, one of Beleth's underlings, is the one who stole the Research Document of Giants. She is guarded by Timak Orc Soldiers and Archers in the Timak Orc Camp.

Monsters to Hunt: Timak Orc Soldier, Timak Orc Archer, Crimson Lady

20: Acquisition of Research Document
You have recovered the Research Documents of the Giants from the Crimson Lady. Return to Selsia and report your success.


Quest information
Level 39 ~ 85
Start NPC Rindy