Journey to a Settlement

The Nameless Spirit at the entrance to the 4th Sepulcher needs somebody to put its double to sleep.

1: The Spirit's Story
The Nameless Spirit informs you that only through the use of a magic scroll can the force field be dispersed. He then informs you that is was created by his "double." Keep listening to the story.

2: Skin of the Antelope
The Nameless Spirit says he needs a special parchment to create the scroll that will release the magic force field. Go to the Wall of Argos and defeat the Canyon Antelope to bring back its skin.

Monsters to Hunt: Canyon Antelope, Canyon Antelope Slave

3: Return to the Nameless Spirit
You now have the Skin of the Antelope the Nameless Spirit asked for. Return to the Spirit.



Quest Info

Level 74 ~ 80
Start NPC Nameless Spirit