Certified Berserker

To be a Berserker, you must pass the test of Master Orkurus in the Town of Oren.

1: The Test Begins
Master Orkurus informs you that if you wish to join the Guild, you should help find Master Tenain. Go to Master Tenain.

2: Kill Breka Orcs
Master Tenain asks you to go to the Breka Orc Stronghold and kill them.

Monsters to Hunt: Breka Orcs, Breka Orc Archers, Breka Orc Warriors, Breka Orc Shamans, Breka Orc Overlords

3: Mission Completed
You killed 20 Breka Orcs and collected their heads. Take them to Master Tenain.

4: Chase the Transportation Unit
Master Tenain asks you to help the Transportation Unit, which is currently located near Death Pass. Go there.

5: Message Plate
Gort asks you to find a message plate left behind by the Transportation Unit. If they moved to the scheduled route, Road Scavengers will have the message plate.

Monsters to Hunt: Road Scavengers

6: Return to Gort
You found the message plate. Take it to Gort.

7: Break the Password
According to Gort, Tenain knows how to break the password.

8: Meet Entien
Tenain asks you to help Master Entien in the Town of Dion stop information from reaching the enemy.

9: Stop Information Leaks
Entien asks you to defeat the enemies who fled to the east and north before the information is delivered to their headquarters. Those who went east have been transformed into Dead Seekers in the Execution Grounds, while those who went north have been transformed into Marsh Stakato Drones in the Cruma Marshlands.

Monsters to Hunt: Dead Seekers, Marsh Stakato Drones

10: Return to Entien
The information leak has been stopped. Report back to Entien.

11: Return to Tenain.
Entien congratulates you for plugging the information leak and tells you to return to Tenain.

12: To the Plains of the Lizardmen
Tenain found another message plate and sent additional troops, but they were all killed. Go save Harkilgamed by killing the Divine Emissary in the Plains of the Lizardmen.

Monsters to Hunt: Divine Emissary

13: Return to Tenain
Harkilgamed tells you that he saved Enuma Elish. Relay this news to Tenain.

14: Test Completed
You have succeeded in helping Tenain. Return to Master Orkurus with his letter of recommendation.


Exp NG x349006
SP NG x23948
Adena NG x63104
Quest information
Level 39 ~ 85
Start NPC Orkurus