Path of the Warder

To be a Warder who uses special skills suitable for a female Kamael, you must pass a qualification test given by the intelligence unit, Steelrazor (Silent Arrow).

1: The Test of the Steelrazor
The Xekerin Troops say that you will be able to obtain a new power if you pass the Qualification Test to be a Steelrazor. Visit Master Sione to take the test.

2: Collecting Information
To pass the Qualification Test of a Steelrazor, you must complete a special mission. Destroy Ol Mahum Novices and Patrols in the Abandoned Camp and acquire their Organization Charts and Orders.

Monsters to Hunt - Ol Mahum Novices, Ol Mahum Patrols

3: Mission Accomplished
The Ol Mahum Orders and Organization Charts have been acquired. Report back to Master Sione.

4: Messenger Mission - 1
Deliver the completed report based on information you collected from the Abandoned Camp to Gobie in Gludio Castle.

5: Messenger Mission - 2
This information must be shared with the nearby races for the benefit of all. Deliver Gobie's Letter to Captain Bathis, the Human Contact.

6: Messenger Mission - 2 Complete
Even among the Humans there seems to be differing views of the Kamael. Return to Gobie to report as quickly as possible.

7: Messenger Mission - 3
Next is the Dark Elf Contact, Grand Master Tobias. Hurry up and complete the mission with the delivery of Gobie's Letter.

8: Messenger Mission - 3 Complete
You were welcomed with words of friendship. Return to Gobie to report.

9: Messenger Mission - Final Report
Report to Master Sione about the accomplished Missions ordered by Gobie up to now.

10: Return to Gobie
Thankfully, your mission seems nearly over -- you're exhausted! Return to Gobie for additional orders.

11: Capture of Ol Mahum Officer Tak
The Xekerin Troops that went out to capture Ol Mahum Officer Tak have been annihilated. The Maille Lizardmen are thought to be hiding Tak. Eliminate Maille Lizardmen in the Maille Lizardmen Barracks to make Tak appear. Hunt Maille Lizardmen and capture Ol Mahum Officer Tak with the Soul Crystal.

Monsters to Hunt - Maille Lizardmen, Maille Lizardman Scouts, Maille Lizardman Guards, and Ol Mahum Officer Tak.

12: Ol Mahum Officer Tak Captured
Ol Mahum Officer Tak has been captured. Hurry and return to Gobie to report.


Quest information
Level 18 ~ 85
Start NPC Sione