Path of the Trooper

To become a Trooper, you must first pass the test given by Master Gwain in the Town of Gludio.

1: Obtain a Recommendation
In order to take the test to become a Trooper, a letter of recommendation is required from Master Shubain in Gludin Village.

2: First Training Goals
Training with Master Shubain needs to be completed in order to receive the required recommendation to take the test to be a Trooper. The first objective in your training is to kill Felim Lizardman Warriors in the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds and bring back 5 of their heads.

Monster to Hunt - Felim Lizardman Warriors.

3: Second Training Goals
2nd training consists of going to Windmill Hill to wipe out the tarantula and bringing back its 10 legs.

Monsters to hunt - Giant Tarantula

4: Training Completed
Master Shubain has completed all trainings and acquired a letter of recommentdation. Go see the Master 트바인 in the town of Gludio to take the test to become a Trooper.

5: Test to be a Trooper
To become a Trooper, you must first pass a major test -- destroy a monster known as the Tumran Bugbear and bring back its heart. You will find the Tumran Bugbear in the Ruins of Agony.

Monsters to Hunt: Tumran Bugbear


Quest information
Level 18 ~ 85
Start NPC Gwain