Help the Son!

Pet Manager Lundy has a son who is about to become an Adventurer. He says that he'll give you a marvelous gift if you get him Adena.

1: Find Adena
Pet Manager Lundy asks you to find him a Adena.
Adena x100000

2: Hunt Maille Lizardman
After getting the Adena, Lundy asks you to hunt 30 more Maille Lizardmen in this area.

Monsters to Hunt - Maille Lizardmen, Maille Lizardman Guards, Maille Lizardman Scouts

3: Return to Lundy
When you defeated the 30 Maille Lizardmen they dropped some strange things. Take them to Pet Manager Lundy.

4: Bead of Riddles
The bead that came from the monsters looks like the object that High Prefect Drikus ordered you to bring to him. Go visit him.

5: Return to Lundy
Drikus says we must determine exactly who owns the bead and asks you to talk to Pet Manager Lundy to determine the owner. Return to Lundy.



Quest Info

Level 24 ~ 85
Start NPC Lundy