Path to an Orc Shaman

Orc Shamans must master the language of fire in order to communicate with souls on the battlefield.

1: Preparation of Offering
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Orc Shaman. Tataru Zu Hestui explains that in order to become an Orc Shaman, you must learn to lead spirits. In order to accomplish this, you must master the 'Language of Fire' which will enable you to communicate with spirits. There are three items needed to prepare for learning the language of fire. You must collect the pelt of a Kasha bear, the husk of a Kasha blade spider and a fiery egg of a scarlet salamander. Kasha bears and Kasha blade spiders can be found in the northern Immortal Plateau and scarlet salamanders can be found in the Cave of Trials. Monsters to hunt: Kasha bears, Kasha blade spiders and scarlet salamanders.

Monsters to hunt: Kasha bears, Kasha blade spiders and scarlet salamanders.

2: Tataru zu Hestui
You have collected all three items. Return to Tataru Zu Hestui and prepare to meet with the spirit.

3: Hestui Totem Spirit
Take the Hestui Mask and Fiery Egg to the Hestui Totem Spirit. You will find it in the southern ruins of the Pa'agrio Temple.

4: Flame Ritual
The Hestui totem spirit has given you a claw as a present. Now, return to Tataru Zu Hestui in Orc Village.

5: Names of Spirits
You have performed a ritual using the claw you received from Hestui totem spirit and learned the language of fire. Take the recommendation you received from Tataru Zu Hestui to Seer Umos in Gludin Village. He will tell you how to learn the names of 99 spirits.

6: Duda-Mara Totem Spirit
Seer Umos explains that the second test to become an Orc Shaman involves learning the names of 99 spirits. For this, you must meet with the Duda-Mara totem spirit. But first, you must prepare yourself. Hunt grizzly bears in Fellmere Harvesting Grounds above Gludin Village and bring back three bottles of grizzly blood. Monsters to hunt: grizzly bears.

7: Return to Seer Umos
You have collected all the Grizzly Blood. Now take it to Seer Umos of Gludin Village.

8: Manager of Names
Take the jar containing the blood and go visit the Duda-Mara totem spirit. The totem spirit is said to be located north of the Arena in Gludin Village.

9: Durka Spirit
The Duda-Mara totem spirit has asked you to catch the Durka spirit. You will find this spirit while hunting for poison spiders and arachnid trackers in the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds.

10: Duda-Mara Totem Spirit
You have captured the Durka Spirit alive. Take it to the Duda-Mara totem spirit in the north of the Arena.

11: Blood of Duda-Mara Totem Spirit
The Duda-Mara totem spirit has given you a drop of blood as a present. Take it to Priest Umos in Gludin Village.

12: Wisdom of Souls
You must meet with the Seer Moira of the Town of Schuttgart if you want to receive the Wisdom of Souls.

13: The Wisest Totem Spirit
The Seer Moira tells you to approach the Totem Spirit of Gandi for knowledge.

14: To the Valley of the Lords
The Totem Spirit of Gandi said to defeat the Black Leopard in the Valley of the Lords to receive the Wisdom of Souls. Go to the Valley of the Lords!

Monster to Hunt - Black Leopard

15: The Teachings of Blood
Whenever the Black Leopard's blood touches your body, you feel a curious sensation and hear a strange voice. Is the dying leopard trying to say something? Study the dead leopard's carcass.

16: Sacrifice Required
You could almost feel something from the Dead Leopard's Carcass. You might be able to grasp the answer if you kill more of them.

Monster to Hunt - Black Leopard

17: Voice
The Dead Leopard's Carcass is calling out to you. Talk to him!

18: Last Blood
One must have the Black Leopard's blood on one's hands in order to receive the final lesson.

Monster to Hunt - Black Leopard

19: Bloody Body
The Black Leopard's blood covers your body. Return to the Dead Leopard's Carcass.

20: Wisdom of Gandi
You suddenly see an image of the Totem Spirit of Gandi. Is it calling you?

21: The Road to an Orc Shaman
The Totem Spirit of Gandi knows of your recent experiences. It told you to seek Seer Moira, who will lead you to a shaman.

Quest information
Level 19 ~ 85
Start NPC Tataru Zu Hestui