Path to an Orc Raider

Orc Raiders inspire fear in their enemies with their death-defying courage and royal bearing.

1: Defeat Ratman Leader
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Orc Raider. Prefect Karukia says that Orc Raiders must prove that their courage and loyalty are without fault. To prove your courage you must destroy the Goblins and their Kuruka Ratmen helpers that are ruining this land. Kill Goblin Tomb Raider Leaders and Kuruka Ratman Leaders.

2: Return to Prefect Karukia
You have killed all the Kuruka Ratman Leaders. Now, return to Prefect Karukia of Orc Fortress.

3: Kill the Betrayers!
Prefect Karukia orders you to kill two traitors who betrayed their tribe and went into hiding with Umbar tribe. Take their heads and go to Prefect Kasman of Gludin Village. Read the betrayer's report and by using the information in it, slay the Orc betrayers!

4: Visit Prefect Kasman
You have slain the betrayerous Orc who hid out with the Umbar tribe. Take the head to Prefect Kasman in Gludin Village.

5: Toward the Town of Schuttgart
Go to Prefect Tazeer of Schuttgart. He will advise you on what to do.

6: Defeat the Timora Orc!
Prefect Tazeer tells you to kill the Orc, Timora, the betrayer, who is hiding among the Ragna Orcs. Return with the traitor's head.

7: Return to Tazeer
You have claimed the Orc Timora's head. Return to Prefect Tazeer in the Town of Schuttgart.



Adena x163800

Quest Info

Level 18 ~ 85
Start NPC Karukia