Path to an Elven Scout

Elven Scouts are the most dextrous and elegant of all Elves! To become Scouts they must first prove their worth in battle...

1: Proof of Ability
The quest that must be fulfilled to change one's occupation to that of an Elven Scout. In order to become an Elven Scout, Master Reisa tells you to prove your skills by finding Guard Moretti's lost friend.

2: Missing Friend
Guard Moretti's friend Prias disappeared while trying to elude an ol mahum patrol. Confront the ol mahum patrol and find out what you can regarding Prias' whereabouts.

3: Return to Moretti
You recovered torn pieces of a letter from the ol mahum patrols. Take them to Guard Moretti of the Town of Gludio.

4: Find Prias
You find out that Prias was kidnapped and taken to the Neutral Zone of the Elven Forest. Due to the impending invasion of ol mahums, Guard Moretti cannot leave his post to look for his friend. He asks you to go and rescue Prias.

5: Take Away the Key
Prias is bound in shackles. Kill the ol mahum sentry, take his key and unlock the shackles.

6: Release Prias
You have secured the key from the ol mahum sentry. Free Prias from his shackles.

7: Reply Letter From Prias
Prias was grateful to receive Moretti's herb. He tells you that he must complete his mission. He asks you to give his regards to Moretti.

8: Honorary Guard
Moretti gives you a Certificate of Honorary Guard as a reward for rescuing Prias. Show it to Reisa.


Quest information
Level 18 ~ 85
Start NPC Reisa