Audience with the Land Dragon

The land dragon Antharas has rampaged throughout the entire kingdom of Giran since he awoke from his ancient slumber. Gabrielle is looking for a warrior to rid the land of this scourge.

1: Guardian of the Seals
The quest to obtain the portal stone, needed to enter Antharas' Lair. Seal Watchman Gabrielle warns that Antharas has been awakened, and asks you to join the party going to slay the dragon. She says that Antharas' Lair is surrounded by a magical field and is unapproachable, but she thinks that the portal stone may activate the heart of the field and allow one to pass through. Only those acknowledged by the seal watchmen may receive the stone. Follow Gabrielle's instructions and visit the other four watchmen. Complete their assignments and receive their acknowledgements. The four watchmen of the seal are: Magister Kaiena of the Ivory Tower, Prefect Chakiris of the Hunters' Village, Master Kendra of Aden Castle Town and High Priest Orven of Aden Castle Town.

2: Abyss Jewel
Gabrielle says that there are those who long for the awakening of Antharas and that you must prevent their entry. She asks you to meet with Warehouse Chief Moke of Gludin and Blacksmith Helton of Oren. After meeting with them, seek and destroy the abyss jewel.

3: Watchman of the Land Dragon Antharas
Take the mark of watchman to Gilmore at the entrance to Dragon Valley.

4: Portal Stone
Kill the cave keeper and cave maidens in Dragon Valley and get the third abyss jewel. Destroy it and take the fragments to Theodric at the entrance to Antharas' Lair.


Quest information
Level 50 ~ 64
Start NPC Gabrielle