Winds of Change

Gatekeeper Flauen of Heine senses a change in the energy of the nearby reed fields area, and she worries about the results of that change. So she seeks an adventurer who can make the right decision within that change and to lead her to the right result...

1: Choosing Sides
Gatekeeper Flauen wants you to aid the town of Heine by choosing a side to support. But at present, you don't know anything about the two sides. Seek out Iason Heine in the Warehouse. He will give you more information with which to make your choice.

2: Soliciting Information
Iason Heine has just described to you the two emerging factions forming in Heine. As he is a busy man, he has asked you to research this issue thoroughly, then make a decision on his behalf. To do this, you must meet with supporters from each side. First, go see Head Blacksmith Roman at the village smithy and hear his opinions on Dr. Helvetica.

3: The Other Side
Now that you've heard about Dr. Helvetica, its time to learn something about Athenia. Go see High Priestess Morelyn and find out her views about the situation.

4: To Iason Heine
You have heard the stories about both powers. Return to Iason Heine and select the power you have chosen to help.

5: Supporting Helvetica
You have chosen to help Dr. Helvetica. Go to the Field Development Base in the Field of Silence and deliver the letter from Iason Heine.

6: Supporting Athenia
Based on your advice, Iason has decided to support Athenia. Find her encampment in the Field of Whispers and deliver the letter Iason has given you.



Exp x892773
SP x60012
Adena x213876

Quest Info

Level 82 ~ 85
Start NPC Flauen