Fate's Whisper

Many travelers looking for new hope follow the whispers of the lady of the wind. Keep heart! You shall soon acquire the flame of purgatory!

1: Save the Soul of Reiria
The soul of Reiria, Maestro Reorin's dearly departed wife, is being held hostage by demons. He asks that you free her by slaying Ghost Knight Kabed and recovering the soul orb. He was last seen lurking in the northern part of the cemetery.

2: Infernium Scepter
In order to restore his honor, Maestro Reorin wishes to recover his masterpiece from the demons. He asks that you recover his three Infernium scepters from Barion, Karte and Verfa, who can be found in area of the Tower of Insolence.

3: Silenos Shards
Maestro Reorin asks you go to Plains of Glory in the Aden Area and collect 100 Silenos Shards.

4: Equipment
Bring a B-grade weapon to Maestro Reorin or 984 B-Grade Gemstones.

5: Equipment Fusion
Bring a B-grade weapon to Maestro Reorin.


Quest information
Level 52 ~ 85
Start NPC Reorin