Test of the War Spirit

One of the highest posts a Shaman can hope to achieve is Warcryer. The Warcryer calls on the spirits of his ancestors who died in battle. To become a Warcryer you must retrieve the ashes of a great ancestor!

1: Four Heroes' Ashes
Seer Somak orders you to recover the remains of 4 warriors, Braki the Clever, Kiruna the Brave, Tonar the Super and Hermodt the Indomitable. Orim of the Shadow has the remain of Braki, Seer Racoy in Gludio Town has the remains of Kiruna, Seer Pekiron in the Town of Oren has the remains of Tonar and Seer Manakia in Giran Castle Town has Hermodt's remains.

2: Return to the Seer
You've recovered the remains of the 4 heroes. Take them to Seer Somak.

3: Gifts for the Ancestors
You've delivered the remains of 4 warriors to Seer Somak. Somak asks for a gift to offer his ancestors and asks you to bring 13 heads of Tamlin Orcs from the south of Aden.

4: Return to Somak
You've collected 13 heads of Tamlin Orcs. Return to Somak.

5: Ancestor Martankus
The heads of Tamlin Orcs are the best gifts for the ancestors. Visit Ancestor Martankus in the Cave of Trials.


Exp NG x894888
SP NG x61408
Adena NG x161806
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Somak