Test of the Summoner

Summoning magic requires the user to make contact with a high-level and intelligent spirit it. Once contact is made, the user must then control the spirit. The Testimonies of Summoning is a competition between users of such magic.

1: Making an Arcana Card
The Testimonies of Summoning is a competition between Summoners for Arcana Cards. Visit Trader Lara in the Town of Dion to make an Arcana Card.

2: Beginning Arcana
Trader Lara will make you two arcana cards if you bring the necessary items. You must defeat 6 Summoners. Come back here after you get the items.

3: A Battle of Summoners
You can challenge any Summoner, anytime, anywhere, with arcana cards.
Summoners must only fight against other Summoners and should never be confronted directly.
One arcana card is consumed with each encounter.
You can find Summoners in the following locations:

West of the Elven Ruins: Summoner Almors
Near the south entrance of Wastelands: Summoner Basilla
A remote house of Beehives: Summoner Camoniell
ear the Mother Tree south of the Underground Fortress in the Elven Forest: Summoner Celestiel
Cruma Marshlands: Summoner Belthus
Gorgon Flower Garden: Summoner Brynthea.

4: Pass the Test of the Summoner
You have collected six types of Arcana cards from six Summoners. Take them to Head Summoner Galatea to receive a mark of her approval.


Exp NG x1664494
SP NG x114220
Adena NG x300960
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Galatea