Test of Magus

Bard Rukal is searching for a mysterious song that he believes is the origin of elemental magic. He believes that this song will allow him to practice the ultimate magic!

1: A Mysterious Melody
A strange melody is only heard by those who have mastered elemental magic. Parina is the only one who knows it. You can find her in the temple of Gludin Village.

2: Casian the Elder
The source of the song is most likely the singing flower, a legendary evil spirit. Casian should be able to tell you more about singing flowers, shouldn't he?

3: Seed of the Singing Flower
Elder Casian informs you that there are several types of singing flowers. You must kill them all!

Monsters to Hunt -
Near Fellmere Lake: Singing Flower Phantasms
Oren Territory, The Gods' Falls Next to Ivory Tower: Singing Flower Nightmares
South Puddle of Giran Castle Town: Singing Flower Darklings

4: Seeds of the Singing Flowers
You've eliminated the singing flowers and collected all their seeds. Take them to Bard Rukal.

5: Collecting Elemental Tones
You must have absolute tone in order to grow a millennium flower. Find the water undine in Fellmere Lake, the salamander of flames in the Ruins of Despair, the wind sylph at the northwest entrance to the Wastelands and the earth snake in the Ruins of Agony. They have the elemental tones.

6: Secret of the Tones
You've collected the tones of 4 spirits. Return to Rukal to create absolute tone.


Exp NG x2058244
SP NG x141240
Adena NG x372154
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Rukal