Test of the Reformer

Seekers of the true faith, whoever wishes to become a bridge between this world and the next as a Priest, should speak to an exiled preacher named Sla, a true man of faith.

1: To Advance the Light
Do your part to make the world a better place. Use Disrupt Undead to defeat the Nameless Revenants who haunt the Execution Grounds.

Monsters to Hunt - Nameless Revenants

2: Aruraune
A strange entity has emerged among the Nameless Revenants! Kill it!

Monster to Hunt - Aruraune

3: A Large Nail
Aruraune disappears after telling you that truth would soon be clear. Could this be what Priest Pupina was talking about?

4: Shout From the Wilderness
The iron nail stuck in Aruraune's head is a tool for brainwashing. Is a temple injecting their religious doctrines directly into people's heads? Visit Preacher Sla in Wastelands to find the answer.

5: Light for the Ol Mahum
One of Preacher Sla's disciples is a missionary for the Ol Mahum. Meet Katari near the waterfall in the Neutral Zone.

6: Protect the Pilgrim
Some Ol Mahums have been reformed by the power of missionary work, but the Ol Mahum inspector is attacking them! Defend the Ol Mahum pilgrims!

Monster to Hunt - Ol Mahum Inspector

7: Ol Mahum Divided by 2
You've killed the Ol Mahum inspector. Speak with Katari and the Ol Mahums again.

8: Defeat the Betrayer!
There's a traitor among the Ol Mahum pilgrims! Kill the betrayer!

Monster to Hunt - Ol Mahum Betrayer

9: Return to Katari
You've killed the Ol Mahum betrayer. Return to Katari.

10: Search for the Betrayer
The Betrayers may be somewhere else. Return to Preacher Sla and inform him that there are traitors!

11: Scattered Disciples
The other Ol Mahums have split into three groups and are scattered throughout the land. First, meet with Kakan in the southeastern Orc Village.

12: Help the Ol Mahums!
Use your magic to help the Ol Mahums defeat vicious Crimson Werewolves. Remember: don't attack the creatures directly unless you can kill them with one strike!

13: Return to Kakan
The Crimson Werewolves have been destroyed. Return to Kakan.

14: Visit the Dwarven Village
A wise warrior knows when to retreat. Visit Nyakuri in the Dwarven Village.

15: Slay the Lizardman!
You must defeat the Lizardman in melee combat, without the aid of magic!

Monster to Hunt - Krudel Lizardman

16: Return to Nyakuri
You have defeated the Krudel Lizardman. Return to Nyakuri.

17: Travel to Talking Island
The Ol Mahums should be safe from Lizardmen attacks for some time. Meet Ramus near the waterfall on Talking Island.

18: Preparing for a Memorial Service
Talking Island is a very beautiful place. Bone fragments are needed for a memorial service that will be held here soon. Go to the Elven Ruins and bring a bone fragment from each type of undead monster there.

Monsters to Hunt - Skeleton Archers, Misery Skeletons, Skeleton Marksmen, Skeleton Lords, Silent Horrors

19: Return to Ramus
You have collected the bone fragments needed for the memorial service. Return to Ramus.

20: Letter from a Disciple
Ramus is satisfied that he can hold the memorial service safely and asks you to deliver a letter to his mentor. Return to Sla.


Exp NG x1252844
SP NG x85972
Adena NG x226528
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Pupina