Test of the Healer

The mark of the healer is only bestowed upon those who recognize the power of purifying light. Prophecies speak of a female who will save the world from darkness and chaos! The conspiracy begins with her..

1: The Girl of Prophecy
Ancient revelations tell of a girl that will be born to save the world from the forces of darkness. A girl has been born who claims to be the saint described in the prophecy. Speak with Perrin in Gludin Village.

2: Perrin's Bodyguard
Perrin's bodyguard has appeared! Kill him!

3: The Evil Perrin
You've defeated Tatoma, Perrin's bodyguard. Listen to what Perrin has to say.

4: The Ringleader
Perrin's companion, Allana is behind this. Find her.

5: An Orphan Girl
Allana scoffs and claims she only saw such a girl once, in the orphanage near Gludio Castle.

6: A Poor Orphanage
The orphanage is having serious financial difficulties. They could survive if only they had 100,000 adena.
Adena NG x100000

7: A Girl of the Wastelands
The head of the orphanage gratefully accepts your 100,000 adena. But one of the girls seems to be missing.

8: A Mysterious Girl
Windy is a mysterious girl who talks to monsters. She says she'll return to the orphanage and asks you to go there first. Return to the orphanage.

9: An Elf from Gludio
You haven't find out anything about the saint, but an Elf from Gludio named Sorius might know something.

10: Tracking the Followers of Shilen
The girl was kidnapped by the followers of Shilen. Meet Daurin Hammercrush in the western part of the Turek Orc Camp!

11: Destroy the Leto Lizardmen!
Destroy the Leto Lizardmen!

Monsters to Hunt - Leto Lizardmen

12: The First Secret Letter
You've defeated the Leto Lizardmen and obtained the first secret letter! Return to Daurin.

13: To the Obelisk!
The secret letter describes a ceremony that would take place at the obelisk in the Dark Elven Forest. You may find a clue there. Hurry up! Look for help on the way!

14: Subjugate the Forces of Darkness! - Part 1
The mysterious Dark Elf has summoned new recruits! Kill them!

Monsters to Hunt - Leto Lizardman Assassins

15: Tracking the Dark Elf - Part 1
You defeated the Leto Lizardmen. Now attack the mysterious Dark Elf!

16: Subjugate the Forces of Darkness! - Part 2
More recruits! Defeat them all!

Monsters to Hunt - Leto Lizardman Snipers

17: Tracking the Dark Elf - Part 2
You've defeated the Leto Lizardmen. Now attack the mysterious Dark Elf!

18: Subjugate the Forces of Darkness! - Part 3
More recruits! Kill the enemy one more time!

Monsters to Hunt - Leto Lizardman Mystics, Leto Lizardman Lords

19: Tracking the Dark Elf - Part 3
You've defeated the Leto Lizardmen. This is the end! Keep attacking the mysterious Dark Elf!

20: Where is the Saint?
The spell that imprisoned the saint has been broken. But where is the saint? Daurin's people may know. Look for clues nearby!

21: Finding the Saint
The saint can be found in a tent near the Dark Elven Altar of Rites. Find her!

22: The Duty of the Saint
The Goddess has begun to open her eyes.
Kristina says she has things to do here and asks you to deliver a letter to Master Sorius on her behalf.

23: The Trial of the Healer
Sorius thanks you for a job well done and promises to speak to Bandellos on your behalf. Return to Priest Bandellos.


Adena NG x266980
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Bandellos