Test of Sagittarius

Hamil is an amazing archer! He was named Sagittarius at the age of 20! Defeat him and you'll gain his title, the best archer in the whole kingdom!

1: Test of Sagittarius
Hamil in Floran Village is a genius archer from Innadril. Visit him and earn his respect.

2: Watchman of the Wastelands
Evil is afoot in the Ant Nest of the Wastelands. Meet Sir Aron Tanford, the watcher of the Wastelands.

3: A Mark at the Ant Nest
Brankel disappeared into the Ant Nest while searching for pagans. Go to the Ant Nest in the Wastelands and look for clues.

Monsters to be hunted - All Monsters in the Ant Nest

4: Hunter's Rune
A rune used by hunters. Take it to Hamil to find out what it means.

5: Where Is the Black Egg?
The children of Shilen have been acting suspiciously. Visit Prefect Vokian in Giran Castle Town and investigate the movements of the Breka Orcs.

6: Searching For Remains of the Snake
Prefect Vokian asks you to investigate all Breka Orc Shamans and Overlords and bring him anything snake-like that you find.

Monsters to be hunted - Breka Orc Overlords, Breka Orc Shamans

7: Return to Vokian
You've found a snake-shaped amulet. Take it to Perfect Vokian.

8: Brankel's Message
The snake amulet summons a totem spirit. To decode Brankel's message, take this information to Hamil.

9: Crescent Moon Bow
The evil spirit Kadesh has been resurrected! You must have a crescent moon bow to defeat him. Go to the Ivory Tower of Oren and meet Magister Gauen.

10: Broken Bow
A crescent moon bow is essential if you are to defeat Commander Kadesh. This one needs a lot of work, however. To restore its function you must obtain some materials...

Monsters to be hunted -
Ivory Tower Crater: Manashens
Cruma Marshlands: marsh spiders, marsh stakato workers, marsh stakato soldiers and marsh stakato drones.
Death Pass: road scavengers

11: Restoring the Crescent Moon Bow
You've obtained the materials needed to restore the crescent moon bow. Take them to Magister Gauen in the Ivory Tower.

12: Resurrected Evil Archer
The crescent moon bow has been restored. It can only shoot wooden arrows. Return to Hamil to find Kadesh's location.

13: Evil Spirit Hunting
The evil spirit Kadesh is building his power by consuming Leto Lizardmen. You'll find Kadesh if you hunt them. You can only kill him with the crescent moon bow. Remember, you mustn't use any skill when you kill him!

Monsters to be hunted - Leto Lizardmen, Evil Spirit Kadesh

14: Return to Hamil
You've killed the evil spirit Kadesh. Return to Hamil.

Exp NG x894888
SP NG x61408
Adena NG x161806
Quest information
Level 39 ~ 85
Start NPC Bernard