Test of the Duelist

Only the best Fighters in the kingdom earn the title of "Duelist". They must conquer the most powerful evil spirit in each territory!

1: Fighting Evil
To pass the Test of the Duelist you must defeat the most powerful evil spirit from each territory in the kingdom. Kaien has ordered that you destroy at least 10 evil spirits in each territory!

2: Monster Hunt
The following monsters are to be hunted:

Gludio Territory
Wastelands - Punchers, Ant Nest - Noble Ant Leaders

Dion Territory
Cruma Marshlands - Marsh Stakato Drones, Execution Grounds - Dead Seekers

Giran Territory
Breka's Stronghold - Breka Orc Overlords, Death Pass - Fettered Souls

Oren Territory
Plains of the Lizardmen - Leto Lizardman Overlords, Krator of Ivory Tower - Enchanted Monster Eyes

Aden Territory
Hunters Valley - Tamlin Orcs, Tamlin Orc Archers

3: The First Test Is Over
You've killed all the evil spirits for the Test of the Duelist. Return to Kaien.

4: The Final Test
To pass the Test of the Duelist, you must prove you are the best in the kingdom. Find the evil creatures listed in the final order and kill at least 3 of each.

Monsters to Hunt -
Cruma Tower: Excuros, Krator
Death Pass: Grandis
Timak Outpost: Timak Orc Overlord
Hunters Valley: Lakin

5: The Final Test Is Complete
You've destroyed the evil spirits for the final test. Return to Kaien.


Exp NG x894888
SP NG x61408
Adena NG x161806
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Kaien