Testimony of Glory

An eternal winter is coming! To survive the imminent chaos you must be able to unite the power of all the Orc tribes. Are you ready for such a task?

1: Trial of Vokian
Prefect Vokian wants to make sure that you're experienced enough to represent the Lord and orders that you prove your ability by hunting monsters.

Monsters to Hunt -
Crater of Ivory Tower: Manashens
Death Pass: Guardian Basilisks
Wastelands: Tyrants

2: Return to Vokian
You've defeated the monsters that Vokian ordered and collected all the marks. Return to Prefect Vokian.

3: Chianta, Chief of the Gandi Tribe
You've proven your abilities to Prefect Vokian. Meet Gandi Chief Chianta in the Town of Dion.

4: Five Unique and Honorable Deaths
Recover the flame scepter from the 5 lower Orc tribes. The tribes are called the Breka, Enku, Vuku, Turek and Tunath.
Visit Seer Manakia in Giran Castle Town and Prefect Kasman in Gludin Town for detailed instructions.

5: Return to Chianta
You've collected the scepters from the 5 lower Orc tribes. Take them to Gandi Chief Chianta.

6: Punish the Betrayers
You've recovered the flame scepters from the 5 lower Orc tribes. Now you must make war against the Timak and Tamlin Orc tribes. Bring back 20 heads from each tribe!

Monsters to Hunt -
Timak Outpost: Timak Orcs
Hunters Valley: Tamlin Orcs and their Archers

7: The Punishment Ends
You've brought 20 heads from the Tamlin and Timak Orc tribes. Return to Chianta.

8: Priest of the Immortal Plateau
Take the box you got from Gandi Chief Chianta to Seer Tanapi in Orc Village.

9: The Scepter of Tantos
Find the Ragna Orc Overlord or Seer somewhere on the Immortal Plateau and recover the stolen scepter.

Monsters to Hunt - Ragna Orc Overlords, Ragna Orc Seers, Revenant of Tantos Chief

10: Recovered Scepter of Tantos
You've recovered the Scepter of the Tantos tribe. Take it to Seer Tanapi.

11: To the Lord of Flame
You've recovered the stolen scepter and delivered it to Seer Tanapi. Now take the ritual box to Flame Lord Kakai.


Exp NG x1448226
SP NG x96648
Adena NG x262720
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Vokian