Testimony of Life

The Mother Tree, the mother and final resting place of all Elves, is dying! To avoid another costly sacrifice, she must have tears from the purest creature, the water of life!

1: The Time of Trial
Also known as the mother of all forests and fairies, our Mother Tree is dying. Master Cardien says that many young Elves must be sacrificed if she is to be saved and then gives you the testimony of life. Take his letter to Magister Asterios in Elven Village.

2: The Water of Life
You must obtain the water of life to revive the Mother Tree. Thalia in the east of Iris Lake knows where to find it. Find her.

3: The Dwarven Blacksmith
You must first have the grail of purity if you are to obtain the water of life. Blacksmith Pushkin is the only one who knows how to properly handle pure mithril, an essential ingredient of the grail. Find him in Giran Castle Town.

4: Ingredients of the Grail
The grail has three ingredients: pure Mithril Ore, ant soldier acid and wyrm's talons.

Monsters to Hunt -
Death Pass: Guardian Basilisks, Wyrms
Wastelands, Ant Nest: Various Ants

5: Return to Pushkin
You've obtained the ingredients that Blacksmith Pushkin requested. Return to him and create the grail.

6: Finished Mithril Glass
Blacksmith Pushkin has created a pure mithril cup. Take it to Thalia, east of Iris Lake.

7: The Dark Elven Witch
You must obtain stardust to make a grail of purity. Meet with Witch Arkenia of the Dark Elves at the Altar of Rites in Dark Elven Forest.

8: Searching for the Scripture of Andariel
Witch Arkenia will give you stardust if you bring her the Andariel scripture. You'll find it in Einhasad Temple in Gludin Town.

9: Making a Copy of the Scripture
Priest Adonius asks for your help with his publishing business and promises to give you a copy of the scripture of Andariel as a reward. Find spider ichor for the ink and harpy's down for the penholders.

Monsters to Hunt -
Cruma Marshlands: Marsh Spiders
Gorgon Flower Garden: Harpy

10: Return to Adonius
You've obtained the materials that Adonius asked for. Return to him.

11: Completed Scripture
Take the scripture that you got from Priest Adonius to Witch Arkenia at the Altar of Rites in the Dark Elven Forest.

12: Return to Thalia
Take the stardust that you received from Witch Arkenia to Thalia, east of Iris Lake.

13: More Concentration
Thalia tells you that you must have more experience if you wish to find the water of life. Find her again when you reach level 38.

14: Stolen Spear
The Talin's spear, essential to finding the water of life, has been stolen. Thalia orders you to retrieve it. Speak with Isael Silvershadow of Hunters Village first.

15: Separated Spear
The Talin's spear has been stolen and separated into 6 pieces. Track down the Chief and Shaman of the Leto Lizardmen and retrieve the pieces.

Monsters to Hunt - Leto Lizardman Shaman, Leto Lizardman Overlords

16: Return to Isael
You've collected all 6 parts of Talin's spear. Return to Isael Silvershadow in Hunters Village.

17: Prepared Readiness
Talin's spear has been restored to its original state. Take it to Thalia, east of Iris Lake.

18: Genuine Tears
Stab Eva's unicorn with Talin's spear and capture the tears in the grail to obtain the water of life. Find the unicorn in the southern mountain range of the Elven Forest.

19: The Tears of Eva
You've succeeded in capturing the unicorn's tears in the grail. Return to Thalia, east of Iris Lake.

20: Water of Life
Take the water of life to Hierarch Asterios in Elven Village.

21: The Testimony of Life
You've delivered the Water of Life to Hierarch Asterios. Now take the amulet he gave you to Master Cardien in the Town of Dion.


Exp NG x1886832
SP NG x125918
Adena NG x342288
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Cardien