Trial of the Pilgrim

To understand the power of a deity, you must first understand its nature. Open your mind to new patterns of thought. True enlightenment comes to all who seek it.

1: The Teachings of Pa'agrio
The Trial of the Pilgrim requires that you learn the ways of the gods by visiting various priests. You should visit Seer Tanapi in the land of the Orcs first.

2: Ancestor Martankus
Seer Tanapi tells you that in order to truly understand Pa'agrio, the God of Fire, you must meet Ancestor Martankus within the Cave of Trials!

3: Essence of Flame
If you wish to understand the true nature of Pa'agrio, Martankus says you must recover the essence of flame from the Forgotten Temple in Gludin Territory.

Monsters to Hunt - Lava Salamanders

4: Return to Martankus
You've got the essence of flame! Take it to Ancestor Martankus in the Cave of Trials.

5: Seer Tanapi
The essence of flame contains the Soul of Pa'agrio. Should it speak to you, be sure to let Seer Tanapi know of what was said.

6: The Teachings of Maphr
You've felt the flame. Now you must learn Maphr's truth. Speak with Gauri Twinklerock in Dwarven Village.

7: Which is True?
To learn the truth of Maphr, meet with Priest Gerald or Wanderer Dorf.

8: The Teachings of Einhasad
The Teachings of Maphr. This is like the two sides of a coin. Find Priest Primos in Giran Castle Town to receive the teachings of Einhasad.

9: Journey To Talking Island
Priest Primos in Giran Castle Town says that he doesn't have anything to tell you. He tells you to go see Priest Petron on Talking Island.

10: Kill Nahir
Priest Petron will teach you and give you your assignment if you'll go to the Elven Ruins and destroy the evil spirit known as Nahir.

Monster to Hunt - Nahir

11: Return to Priest Petron
You've killed the evil creature Nahir. Return to Priest Petron on Talking Island.

12: The Teachings of Eva
The truth of Einhasad is that there's as much jealousy and destruction as there is faith and life in this world. Now you must learn the truth of Eva. Speak with Andellia in Elven Village.

13: Defeat the Black Willow
Eva's priest asks you to kill the Black Willows located at the falls in the Neutral Zone. Then to go meet with Uruha, Priestess of Darkness, to warn her not to bring her evil intentions to the Elven Forest ever again.

14: Give a Warning to Uruha
You've defeated the Black Willow. Now visit Uruha and warn her not to bring her dastardly evil intentions near the Elven Village ever again.

15: Book of Darkness
In pursuit of the teachings of the opposite. You've obtained the Book of Darkness which contains the dark secrets of Shilen! How would Andellia, Eva's child, respond to you now?

16: Elder of the Wastelands
Your next lesson will be learned from Elder Casian of the Wastelands. He has some very unusual, forgotten knowledge. Go see him.

17: To Live a Life with Faith
The laws of the gods govern the universe although their intentions are not always clear. We must simply live each day with faith... Now, return to Hermit Santiago.


Exp NG x1258250
SP NG x81606
Adena NG x229298
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Santiago