Trial of the Scholar

Every Magus must pass the Trial of the Scholar. Passion and humility are essential to success.

1: In Search of High Priest Sylvain
To advance your learning, you must pass the Trial of the Scholar. Find the renowned Mystics and do as they say!
First, you should seek out High Priest Sylvain in the Town of Dion.

2: Finding Maria
High Priest Sylvain asks that you obtain the crystal of purity from Maria in the village so he can purify the Execution Grounds.

3: The Stolen Scroll
The secret of making crystals of purity has been kept by Maria's family for generations. She tells you that the scroll containing the secret method was stolen a month ago. Find Captain Lucas and ask him what happened.

4: The Unrecovered Scroll
Unfortunately, Maria's scroll has not yet been found. Go and tell her.

5: The Astrologer of Floran Village
Maria agrees with Lucas's suggestion that they seek out a fortune-teller. She asks you to speak with Creta in Floran Village.

6: Searching for Clues
Creta asks you to find clues regarding the robbery. Return to Maria and ask her for clues.

7: A Clue in the Handbag?
It's Lucilla's handbag! She was a friend of Maria's who was there when the robbery happened. It might hold a clue! Take it to Creta.

8: Shadow of the Criminal
Creta see the culprit's shadow in the handbag. Could it be the shadow of a Human?

9: A Very Mysterious Shadow
Maria asks that you show the shadow to Captain Lucas, an expert in such matters.

10: Was It a Lizardman's Shadow?
Captain Lucas isn't sure that the shadow belongs to the thief, but it appears to belong to a Leto lizardman Warrior!

11: Tracking the Lizardmen!
Maria asks you to track down the lizardmen and retrieve the stolen scroll.

Monsters to Hunt - Leto Lizardman Warriors

12: A Torn Scroll
You've retrieved the torn scroll from the Leto Lizardmen. Take it to Maria, she'll be able to read it.

13: The Crystal of Purity is Complete!
The crystal of purity is complete! Take it to High Priest Sylvain.

14: Sylvain is Satisfied
High Priest Sylvain wanted you to help Maria make the crystal of purity. Return to Magister Mirien for your next assignment.

15: In Search of Jurek
Mirien says that you must report to Grand Magister Jurek in Giran Castle Town.

16: Who Has the Power?
Jurek asks you to hunt down the evil spirits who have recently gained magical powers and to bring him what he needs for his investigation.

Monsters to Hunt - Wastelands, Plains of Dion: Monster Eye Destroyers
Breka's Stronghold: Breka Orc Shaman
Dragon Valley, Crater of Ivory Tower: Shackles

17: Return to Jurek
You've collected all the items that Jurek requires. Take them to him in Giran Castle Town.

18: The Trial of Jurek is Complete
Jurek has given you a mark as a token of gratitude, and indicates he is still seeking evidence to prove his suspicions. Return to Mirien.

19: In Search of Elder Cronos
Your last assignment is with Elder Cronos in Hunters Village. Go and find him.

20: In Search of the Scripture of Knowledge
Elder Cronos asks you what your purpose is in learning magic. When he is convinced of what you say, he tells you of a book called the Scriptures of Knowledge, which he onced used. Visit Dieter at the Wizard Guild of Giran Castle to obtain the book.

21: Finding the Astrologer Again
Dieter has lost the Scriptures of Knowledge! Consult Astrologer Creta again.

22: Astrology of Creta
Creta gives you a letter of explanation and asks you to deliver it to the owner of the key, saying that she sees several shadows there.

23: In Search of Edroc
Dieter suggests that you speak with Edroc, the son of the owners of the inn they were staying in. He may remember something.

24: Warehouse Keeper of the Harbor
Trader Edroc remembers the incident. He retrieves an envelope they left behind when they departed for Gludin Harbor. Written on the envelope is ‘Warehouse Freightman Raut'.

25: The Drunkard's Brother
Raut gives you the first chapter of the scripture and asks you to forgive his brother's youthful indiscretions. Raut says he doesn't know where the other three chapters are, but suggests you ask his brother and tells you where to find him.

26: Finding the Remaining Scriptures of Knowledge
Triff was the lone survivor of a deadly magical attack. They say that he was able to hide some of the scriptures before the evil spirits took the lot of them..

You must journey afar to complete the Scriptures of Knowledge!
Town of Giran: Warehouse Keeper Valkon
Town of Dion: Blacksmith Poitan

Monster to Hunt - Death Pass: Grandis

27: In Search of the Scriptures of Knowledge
Elder Casian regrets that he cannot understand the contents from only one chapter. You must find the rest of the scriptures!

Death Pass: Evil Spirit Grandis
Giran Castle Town's Warehouse Keeper Valkon.

28: Casian's Magic Ingredient
Elder Casian asks you for the materials he needs to copy the Scriptures of Knowledge.

Monsters to Hunt -
Execution Grounds: Ghouls
Gorgon Flower Garden: Medusas
Death Pass: Fettered Souls
Crater of Ivory Tower: Enchanted Gargoyles

29: Return to Casian
You've gotten the materials that Elder Casian needs. Take them to him in the Wastelands.

30: An Incomplete Scripture
The Scriptures of Knowledge are not complete without the introduction and the fifth chapter! Elder Casian is regretful, but there is nothing to be done since they have been destroyed. You've retrieved all of that's left of the Scriptures of Knowledge. Return to Elder Cronos.

31: The Truth of the Scripture
Elder Cronos says that the Scriptures of Knowledge are merely one interpretation of the greater Tablet of Maphr, which contains the ultimate secrets of geometry - translated by the giants from the Gods themselves! He continues to say that the authors had to discontinue their work once it was realized that the dark secrets contained within were too powerful for this world. He is very pleased with you and what you have brought him and gives you something in return. Return to Magister Mirien.


Exp NG x1753926
SP NG x113754
Adena NG x319628
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Mirien