Pailaka - Injured Dragon

Third Pailaka quest. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive Vitality points. (Your Vitality Level will not exceed its maximum.)

1: Request of the Ketra Orc
Darkness has closed in on the energy of fire. Once preparations are complete, enter Pailaka!

2: Pailaka's Orcs
Find the Ketra Orcs inside Pailaka.

3: Latana, the Dragon of Fire
You must enhance the Spear of Silenos in order to defeat Latana, the Dragon of Fire. Enhance the Spear of Silenos and defeat Latana!

4: The Returned Power of Fire
After Latana's defeat, the Ketra Orc Supporter appeared. Speak with him.



Exp x24570000
SP x8850000

Quest Info

Level 73 ~ 77
Start NPC Ketra Orc Shaman