Pailaka - Devil's Legacy

Second Pailaka quest. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive Vitality points. (Your Vitality Level will not exceed its maximum.)

1: Pailaka of Devil's Isle
The power of darkness has enveloped Devil's Isle. Prepare to resolve the matter and go meet with the Devil's Isle Survivor.

2: Pailaka Guide
Once you enter Pailaka, someone will be there to help you. Meet him and begin your task!

3: Purge Devil's Isle
Defeat the pirates, enhance the Ancient Legacy Sword, and defeat the final boss Lematan!

To hunt for - Kams, Hikoro, Alkaso, Gerbera, Lematan

4: Purged Devil's Isle
You have defeated Lematan! Speak with the Dwarven Adventurer who appeared beside you, and return to the original world!!


Exp x12030000
SP x4705000

Quest Info

Level 58 ~ 70
Start NPC Devil's Isle Survivor