Skirmish with the Orcs

Kaboo Orcs from the Misty Mountains have invaded the Elven Forest again. Help Sentinel Kendell and the Elven Fighters defeat the invaders and take the head of the Orc Captain!

1: Guardian of the Forest
Orcs have recently made several attacks upon the Elven Forest. The Elves have decided to take their revenge upon the Kaboo Orcs in the Misty Mountains. Read the order from Sentinel Kendell and hunt the Orcs!

2: Return to Sentinel Kendell.
You have destroyed the Kaboo Orcs! Report to Sentinel Kendell.

3: The Second Order
The war has not yet been won. Kaboo Orcs are massing around Iris Lake in the southern part of the village and are preparing to launch an invasion! You must follow Sentinel Kendell's orders! Slay the Kaboo Orcs!

4: Return to Sentinel Kendell Again.
You've successfully accomplished Kendell's second order! Return to Sentinel Kendell in the Elven Village and make your report to him.



Quest Info

Level 10 ~ 15
Start NPC Kendell