Hellbound: Desert Quarry

Basic information

Desert Quarry — a location that is in the center of the Hellbound. By the LOR in this quarry work slaves from the caravan workers. In the classic development of Hellbound location, players must rescue slaves to increase Caravan’s trust.

hellbound map l2

On Masterwork servers obtaining the Caravan Certificate has been simplified and location has been improved.

For more information about the Caravan's Certificate, learn from the article Hellbound: Caravan Certificates

The location is divided into several zones — "walls" (green), "circle" (yellow) and "precipice" (pink). Each zone contains different monsters and NPCs.

Hellbound Desert Quarry map

Pay attention!

During the day time, in the "precipice" zone, players get the negative effect Heat of Desert Lv. 1 , which reduces their health points for some time.

To protect you from the Heat you will need Caravaner's Remedy , which can be bought for 25 000 Adena from the NPC Hude Caravan Merchant . Required to access the shop Standard Caravan Certificate

Monsters of the location

Drop and Spoil

Drop and Spoil

Drop and Spoil

Drop and Spoil

Quarry Hell Hound Lv. 81

Walls, cliff — no, circle — a lot


Dark Attack Lv. 1

Quarry Hell Hound l2
Drop and Spoil

Raid Boss

Beleth Kerberos l2

On the territory of the Desert Quarrry and Beleth’s Magic Circle is a new aggressive raid boss:

Beleth Kerberos Quarry Warden Lv. 83

You can’t kill him with the usual tactics — players should carefully study the behavior of the boss and read the description of the effects he imposes on opponents. Many attacks have a Darkness attribute, and increasing the protection parameter from this attribute will be a big help in battle. Pay attention — the more players hit the boss, the stronger his attacks. Patient and neat players will receive many valuable items for defeating Hellhound..

Boss respawn time — 8 hours + 4 hours random

What if your group can’t handle the boss?

If you don’t have enough damage — call your friends, if your skills — learn to fight a difficult opponent. Kerber is not just a boss, he, like Ankou, challenges a routine game.

Hone your skills to your class, learn how to interact with other players and take advantage of the features of the game. Or just don’t get caught by an angry dog in the way. Hellbound is a harsh land where the strongest will survive.


Skill Effect
Inferno Breath Lv. 1
Deals physical damage with Darkness to targets in front of him.
Cursed Rain Lv. 1
Deals magical damage with Darkness to the target and targets around it, lowering the maximum HP value and causing bleed.
Kerberos Paw Slam Lv. 1
It hits the ground and deals physical damage to enemies around it. Rolls back and knocks down characters while the character is in a rollover state his physical and magical defenses are lowered.
Shadow Draining Lv. 1

It imposes a curse on the target that blocks the use of physical and magical skills for 10 seconds. At the end of the timer imposes a similar curse on 15 targets within 500 of the player and burns 10% of the current mana and health of the victims.

The skill is used once and a half minutes. If you remove the curse with Cleanse Lv. 1 , it will not pass to other players.

Shade Exhaustion Lv. 1

The curse received at the end of the timer effect Shadow Draining Lv. 1 .

Blocks the usage of physical and magical skills for 10 seconds. At the end of the timer imposes a similar curse on 15 targets within 500 of the player and burns 10% of the current mana and health of the victims. The curse is passed once.

Deathly Grip Lv. 1
Deals physical damage with Darkness, disarms target and targets around it in a small radius.
Bloodthirsty Rend Lv. 1
Deals magical Darkness damage to surrounding players and restores monster health from damage that is done. Has a negative effect on character's healing.
Kerberos Gaze Lv. 1
Stuns the selected target on a great distance, lowers it's physical and magical defence.


Besides the usual drop, killing Kerberos might have a small chance of raising SA to 13. A personal chance for the members of the group who struck the final blow.

  • SA 10 → 11 — chance 10%
  • SA 11 → 12 — chance 7,5%
  • SA 12 → 13 — chance 5%
Item Amount Chance
Group chance: 1.5%
S Grade Essence 1 100%
Group chance: 3%
Beleth Supplies S Weapon 1 100%
Group chance: 5%
Beleth Supplies S Armor 1 100%
Group chance: 100%
Divine Stone 3 - 7 50%
Dark Stone 3 - 7 50%
Group chance: 100%
Wind Stone 3 - 7 50%
Earth Stone 3 - 7 50%
Group chance: 100%
Water Stone 3 - 7 50%
Fire Stone 3 - 7 50%
Group chance: 100%
Chest with Life Stone 3 - 20 100%
Group chance: 100%
Ancient Tome of the Demon 400 - 1700 100%
Group chance: 100%
Enchanted MW Box 5 - 18 100%
Group chance: 5%
MasterWork Crystal - S-grade S/ Dynasty 1 100%
Group chance: 8%
MasterWork Crystal - A-grade 1 100%
Group chance: 100%
Hound Meat 5 - 15 100%
Group chance: 3%
Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Original Version) 1 100%
Group chance: 0.45%
Forgotten Scroll - Protection of Rune 1 100%
Group chance: 1.2%
Forgotten Scroll - Protection of Alignment 1 50%
Forgotten Scroll - Protection of Elemental 1 50%

Location's mechanics

Location of Rebel's Quarry can be improved by players — the higher the location level, the more often Quarry Hell Hound Lv. 81 appear.

Quarry Hell Hound is not only valuable drop in the form of Divine Stone , but also the source of dietary Hound Meat .

Starving Slave l2

When you kill monsters, you get items Hound Meat . Talk to NPC Starving Slave in the center of the circle to learn how to use this meat.

If you’re lucky, the slaves will thank you for request.

While exploring the location you will encounter a mysterious Runaway Portal . To use the portal, it will take several pages from Ancient Tome of the Demon . Wonder where the portal leads?

Runaway Portal l2
Escaped Slave l2

On the other side of the portal you will meet the NPC Escaped Slave . He will tell you the secret of the location in exchange for helping his comrades.

Don’t forget to bring along with you Hound Meat , otherwise you’ll have to go down yourself.

In the center of the circle curious players will find Mysterious Stele Legacy of The Ancients . Carry out an ancient ritual to increase the level of location. What? Recently you have learned a bit about this.

To find out the current level of location, explore the runes on Mysterious Stella. The number of burning runes will tell you the level.

Now that the veil of mystery has been opened, it is time to go on an adventure to discover all the features of this part of the Hellbound and benefit from them for your wallet.

Mysterious Stele l2