Quest Seal Removal

Seal Removal
Start NPC Researcher Lorain
Level 41 ~ 85
Type One-time / Third quest in the chain
EXP x 285 935
SP x 18 711
Adena x 98 583
Previous quest in the chain — Nikola's Cooperation
Art of Persuasion
Opens access to quests — Vain Conclusion

Completing of the quest Seal Removal

1. Start NPC Researcher Lorain located near the entrance to the Cruma Tower. Take her quest Seal Removal and get Broken Metal Pieces
2. 2. Not far to the left of a large flying artifact with a crystal find Maestro Nikola and talk to him.
3. Go to Hein. On the dock to the left of the Temple we find Locksmith Dorothy, talk to her twice and get a reward.

Next quest in the chain — Vain Conclusion