Quest Lofty Aspirations, part 1

Basic information

Start NPC Moth gro-Bagol
Level 66 ~ 85
Type One-time
Provides access to A-Grade recipe and parts of weapon and armor
Opens access to the quest — Lofty Aspirations, part 2

Completing of the quest

Moth-gro-bagol l2
1. Start NPC Moth gro-Bagol located in a camp near the entrance to the Wall of Argos. Talk to the orc and receiving instructions to hunt monsters nearby.
Canyon Antelope Slave l2
Canyon Bandersnatch Slave l2
Grendel Slave l2
Eye of Pilgrim l2
Elder Homunculus l2
2. Go to the Wall of Argos and hunt monsters

Canyon Antelope Slave lvl. 69
Canyon Bandersnatch Slave lvl. 71
Eye of Restrainer lvl. 71
Buffalo Slave lvl. 72
Eye of Guide lvl. 72
Gaze of Nightmare lvl. 72
Eye of Watchman lvl. 73
Homunculus lvl. 73
Eye of Pilgrim lvl. 74
Eye of Ruler lvl. 74
Grendel Slave lvl. 74
Elder Homunculus lvl. 75

until you'll get 500 Glimmering Eye of Argos
Moth gro-Bagol l2
3. Return to Moth gro-Bagol, talk and get Argos memory fragments
4. Find in any city Vernad Sky Library, talk and get
Londo's diary , Arkenia's Grimoire 61-75 lvl. A
Moth gro-Bagol
3. Return to Moth gro-Bagol, talk to him and get access to exchange
Glimmering Eye of Argos on recipes and parts of A-Grade Weapon and Armor

Reward List

Reward Cost Content (random)
Giants Blacksmith Chest Weapon's fragment 135 Glimmering Eye of Argos Sirra's Blade Edge x3
Sword of Ipos Blade x3
Barakiel's Axe Piece x3
Behemoth's Tuning Fork Piece x3
Naga Storm Piece x3
Tiphon's Spear Edge x3
Shyeed's Bow Shaft x3
Sobekk's Hurricane Edge x3
Themis' Tongue Piece x3
(Cabrio's Hand Head x3
Daimon Crystal Fragment x3
Giants Officer Chest Periphery 500 Glimmering Eye of Argos Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Tallum Helmet(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (60%)
Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gauntlets(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Shield(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare(60%)
Giants Commander Chest Armor 650 Glimmering Eye of Argos Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Breastplate(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gaiters(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Tallum Plate Armor(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Tallum Leather Armor(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Tallum Stockings(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Armor of Nightmare(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Robe of Nightmare(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Majestic Plate Armor(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(60%)
Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(60%)
Apostle Officer Chest Mid-Grade Weapon 700 Glimmering Eye of Argos Recipe: Elysian(60%)
Recipe: Doom Crusher (60%)
Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%)
Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%)
Recipe: Dragon Slayer(60%)
Recipe: Soul Separator(60%)
Recipe: Soul Bow(60%)
Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%)
Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (60%)
Recipe: Branch of the Mother Tree(60%)
Recipe: Sword of Miracles(60%)
Apostle Commander Chest Top A-Grade weapon 1000 Glimmering Eye of Argos Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (60%)
Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (60%)
Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (60%)
Recipe: Sirra's Blade (60%)
Recipe: Sword of Ipos (60%)
Recipe: Naga Storm (60%)
Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (60%)
Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (60%)
Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (60%)
Recipe: Daimon Crystal (60%)
Recipe: Themis' Tongue (60%)