Quest Path of the Palus Knight

Basic information

Path of the Palus Knight — quest for the first dark palus knight. Opens access to professions Shillien Knight and Bladedancer

The quest is available to players over 18th level, one-time quest.

Start NPC Master Virgil
Needed for profession Palus Knight
Level 18 ~ 85
Type One-time
EXP x 320 534
SP x 26 212
Adena x 163 800
1. Start NPC Master Virgil is located in the town of Gludio in the Dark Elven Guild, he will transmit Palus Talisman
2. Teleport to the Neutral Zone and find Lycanthrope lvl. 20 kill untill you'll get 13 Lycanthrope Skull
3. Return to Virgil give the items and get Virgil's Letter
4. Teleport to Gludin, go to the Dark Elven Guild. Find the Abyssal Priest Kalinta, talk and get Morte Talisman
Venomous Spider
Arachnid Tracker
5. Go to the Windmill Hil(teleport Forgotten Temple), find monsters

Venomous Spider lvl. 18
Arachnid Tracker lvl. 19

kill untill you'll get Venomous Spider's Carapace and 5 Arachnid Tracker Silk
6. Return to Kalinta , give the items and get Coffin of Eternal Rest
7. We teleport to Gludio, go to the Dark Elven Guild to the Master Virgil, talk to him and get Gaze of Abyss
Tobias Grand Master

8. Find in the Dark Elven Guild in Gludio Grand Master Tobias. We talk to him and we get the first profession Palus Knight.

Completed quest opens access to professions: Shillien Knight and Bladedancer