Quest Path of the Elven Wizard

Basic information

Path of the Elven Wizard — quest for the first profession of elven wizard. Opens access to professions Spellsinger and Elemental Summoner

The quest is available to players over 18th level, one-time quest.

Start NPC Rosella
Needed for profession Elven Wizard
Level 18 ~ 85
Type One-time
EXP x 320 534
SP x 20 392
Adena x 163 800
1. Start NPC Rosella is located in the Elven Village in a separate building in the middle of the village. Take her quest Path of the Elven Wizard, she will give Fertility Peridot and ask for 3 more stones. Ask her about the fire.
2. Talk to the Magister Greenis, she will ask to bring 5 Red Down
Pincer Spider
3. Go to the Neutral Zone, find and kill Pincer Spider lvl. 17 kill untill you'll get 5 Red Down
4. Return to Greenis , give the shards and get Magical Powers Ruby
5. Go to Rosella, ask her about water.
6. Fly to the Elven Fortress and from there either around the lake or swim to Thalia
she will ask us to bring 5 Gold Leaves
Dread Elder
7. Nearby try to find Dryad Elder lvl. 14, kill untill you'll get 5 Gold Leaves
8. Return to Thalia give her leaves and get Pure Aquamarine
9. Return to Rosella, learn about the wind.
10. At the entrance to the Elven Fortress we seek Northwind, he asks to bring 2 Amethyst
Sukar Wererat Leader
11. Go inside the fortress and search Sukar Wererat Leader lvl. 19, kill untill you'll get 2 Amethyst
12. Return to Northwind, exchange items to Nobility Amethyst
13. For the last time return to Rosella, give all items and get Eternity Diamond

14. In the Temple of Gludio we find the High Priest Raymond. We talk to him and get the first profession Elven Wizard.

Completed quest opens access to professions: Spellsinger and Elemental Summoner