Quest Path of the Elven Oracle

Basic information

Path of the Elven Oracle — quest for the first profession of Elven Oracle. Opens access to profession Elven Elder

The quest is available to players over 18th level, one-time quest.

Start NPC Priest Manuel
Needed for profession Elven Oracle
Level 18 ~ 85
Type One-time
EXP x 320 534
SP x 20 392
Adena x 163 800
1. Start NPC Manuel is located in the Temple in Gludio. Take his quest Path of the Elven Oracle and get Crystal Medallion
2. Teleport to Gludin and run from the city to the harbor side to the left hill, where we seek Allana.
Lizardman Warrior
3. During the talk with Allana will appear Lizardman Warrior lvl. 13, kill the lizard and talk to her again.
4. Go to the lighthouse behind the harbor to Perrin.
5. After the talk with Perrin appears Tamil lvl. 19 kill and get Tamil's Necklace
6. Talk to Perrin, give Tamil's Necklace and get Swindler's Money
7. Go again on the hill to Allana, talk and get Half of Diary
8. Return to Gludio to Manuel, give all items and get the reward Leaf of Oracle

9. Find in Gludio Temple Raymond. We talk to him and get the first profession Elven Oracle.

Completed quest opens access to profession Elven Elder