Quest Path of the Cleric

Basic information

Path of the Cleric — quest for the first profession of cleric. Opens access to professions Prophet and Bishop

The quest is available to players over 18th level, one-time quest.

Start NPC Zigaunt
Needed for profession Cleric
Level 18 ~ 85
Type One-time
EXP x 320 534
SP x 23 152
Adena x 163 800
Zigaunt Priest
1. Start NPC Priest Zigaunt is located in the village of Gludin in the Temple. He has a quest Path of the Cleric. He'll give 1st Letter of Order and asks to find 5 books.
2. We teleport to Gludio and find in the Armor shop merchant Simplon, he'll give you 2 Book of Simplon.
3. There in Gludio, go to the Temple and look for the Priestess Vivyann, she'll give one more Book of Vivyan .
4. Then we run to the Guard Prague, who will ask to bring Pendant of Mother
Ruin Zombie Leader
5. Let’s go to the Ruins of Agony to hunt for Ruin Zombie lvl. 15 и Ruin Zombie Leader lvl. 16 untill we'll get Pendant of Mother
6. Go back to the Guard Prague, and give him Pendant of Mother and obtain Book of Praga
Zigaunt Priest
7. Return to the village Gludin to Priest Zigaunt who'll give 2nd Letter of Order and guide you to the Talking Island.
8. Teleport to Talking Island Village looking for Lionel which is near the entrance to the Elven ruins. He will give you Lionel's Book he'll ask to go to the Einhovant's School of Magic.
9. Go to the starting point of all mages to the Grand Master Gallint he'll take Lionel's Book and send back.
10. Return to Lionel get from him Lionel's Covenant and go to Gludin.
Zigaunt Priest
11. Look for the Priest again in Gludin Zigaunt give him all the books we get as a reward Mark of Faith
Levian High Preist

12. We find the High Priestess in the Temple Levian. We talk to her and get the first Cleric profession (Cleric)

Completed quest opens access to professions: Prophet and Bishop