Quest Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn

Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn
Start NPC Natools
Level 35 ~ 85
Type One-time / Last quest in the chain
EXP x 850 000
SP x 122 000
Adena x 166 000
Previous quest in the chain — Shadow Fox - 3

Pay attention!
The characters of level 45 and higher get reward in EXP and SP

Completing the quest Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn

Natools l2
1. Start NPC Natools Натулс (Natools) is situated in the Hein's warehouse. During the talk choose "Help the Dawn" and obtain Cryptogram of the Angel Search
Raymond l2
2. Teleport to the Gludio and go to the temple, talk to the High Priest Raymond
Casian l2
3. Teleport to the The Ant Nest, run to the centre of the Wasteland and find the Elder Casian
Talk to him and after go for hunting.
Ant l2
4. Jump to the canion behind the Casian and find on the left side entrance to The Ant Nest. Go forward and search for the monsters

Ant lvl. 30
Ant Patrol lvl. 34
Ant Guard lvl. 35
Ant Soldier lvl. 35
Ant Captain lvl. 31
Ant Overseer lvl. 32
Ant Recruit lvl. 33
Ant Warrior Captain lvl. 36
Noble Ant lvl. 37
Noble Ant Leader lvl. 38

Kill the ants untill you'll get 30 items Prophecy Fragment
Weathered Rock l2
5. Go to the mark in the centre of Wasteland, find Weathered Rock. Talk to the rock and will appear Fallen Angel lvl. 38
Ant l2
6. Kill Fallen Angel, and get Fallen Angel Blood
Raymond l2
7. Teleport to the Gludio, go to the temple and talk to the High Priest Raymond and obtain reward for the quest.

On this quest the chain is over. Hope it was interesting for you!