Quest Shadow Fox - 3

Shadow Fox - 3
Start NPC Natools
Level 35 ~ 85
Type One-time / Seventh quest in the chain
EXP x 400 000
SP x 58 000
Adena x 106 250
Previous quest in chain — Shadow Fox - 2
Opens the access to the quests:
Fallen Angel - Request of the Dawn
Fallen Angel - Request of the Dusk

Pay attention!
The characters of level 45 and higher get reward in EXP and SP

Completing the quest Shadow Fox - 3

Natools l2
1. Start NPC Natools Natools is situated in the Hein's warehouse. Talk to him and get the quest.
Crokian Warrior l2
2. Teleport to the Alligator Island and go to the Alligator Beach, find monsters

Crokian Warrior lvl. 38
Farhite lvl. 39
Alligator lvl. 40

Kill 30 alligators and obtain 30 items Predecessor's Report
Natools l2
3. Go back to the Natools, talk to him and get our reward for the quest.

Pay attention!
By the end of the quest you need to choose the side you help - Dawn or Dusk. From this depends what next quest you will do!
If you chose the wrong side, then abort the quest and talk to NPC again to choose the right one.

Next quest in the chain:
Fallen Angel - Request of the Dawn
Fallen Angel - Request of the Dusk