Quest Shadow Fox - 2

Shadow Fox - 2
Start NPC Kluck
Level 35 ~ 85
Type One-time / Sixth quest in the chain
EXP x 275 000
SP x 40 000
Adena x 29 750
Previous quest in the chain — Shadow Fox - 1
Opens the access to the quest — Shadow Fox - 3

Pay attention!
The characters of level 45 and higher get reward in EXP and SP

Completing the quest Shadow Fox - 2

Kluck l2
1. Start NPC Kluck is situated in the Hein's warehouse. Talk to him and get the quest.
Xenovia l2
2. Go to the Dark Elf Guild and find Magister Xenovia, talk to her and agree to find materials for the reasearch.
Dailaon l2
3. Teleport to the Field of Whispers, and find there monsters

Crokian lvl. 36
Dailaon lvl. 37
Crokian Warrior lvl. 38
Farhite lvl. 39 Kill monsters untill you'll get 15 items Dark Crystal
Xenovia l2
4. Go to the Dark Elf Guild in Hein and find Magister Xenovia. Talk with her and make the research - turning the crystal into needed one ingridient.
You have to get 3 Dark Oxide When you'll get needed 3, they'll automatically turn into Cryptogram of the Goddess Sword

Pay attention!
All three varients have the same success chance result, but it still isn't 100%
If you have lack of some of the ingridients, go back and hunt the monsters again to get more Crystals.

Kluck l2
Go back to Kluck, talk to him and get our reward for the quest.

Next quest in the chain — Shadow Fox - 3