Library Autoexp

Basic information

Masterwork team presents to your attention the system of auto-exping of your character. All you have to do — buy shadow weapon - book from special NPC and equip it. "Read" books and become older and wiser with each level!

Sky Library Vernad Небесная Библиотека Вернад E-Global Masterwork Lineage 2

Town citizens noticed the stange elf on the square named Vernad. After the aquaintance they knew that he's the elder librarian of the Sky Guild Library. the guild is specified on the gathering of historical and geographycal information of the Elmoraden, and preserving of the ancient knowledge.

Because of the Shillen influence the searchings became more dangerous, and the Guild doesn't have enough finances to hire more guardians. The elder librarian Vernad spoke to Elmoraden livers with the offer. Those who are interested in secret knowledge can pay for the access to some books. For the reading of the book the great adventurers will get additional experiance and get powerful knowledge, that will be very useful in future battles.

How does it work?

Get the book
First you need to do — find Vernad and talk to him. He will offer to take the book for a little payment from the Guild library.
Buy only those books that you need according to the level. If your level is higher or lower than the book's level, you won't gain any experience!

Equip the book
The book — temporary shadow weapon. Time of the book's existance — 24 hours from the time you've gained it. Mana in book is enough to hold it in hands from 240 minutes.
When the book is equiped the char gets exping 1 time in a minute. The amount of experience is based on the book's rank.

Pay attention!
While the book is equiped the char gets passive skill Enjoyable read

You are so into book that you don't notice even time around. Phys./ Mag. Def. -90%
Use this book only in peace zone! If the character is dead the book is still working, but you don't get any exping.

How to get first book?
The book of each rank can be bought only once a day. Time changing of the day is at 6.30 a.m. on the server time UTC+2 (Kiev)

What about offtarde?
You can't read the book while sleeping, can you? So and the character won't gain any experience while he's sitting in offtrade. The book's mana while this also will be used. Don't forget to unequip book from the hands before sit and trade!

Where to find the librarian?

The elder librarian of the Sky Guild Vernad can be met in every city. Usually he waits adventurers on the central square. For quick finding use command /target Vernad

Vernad in Gludio
Vernad in Dion
Vernad in Giran
Vernad in Oren
Vernad in Schuttgart
Vernad in Aden
Vernad in Goddart
Vernad in Rune


Book Price Description
Nornil's records 20-39 lvl. D 175 000 Adena Rare notes of the Nornil's investogations, that was found by serchers from the sky library. While reading of this book, the chars of 20-39 levels get extra experience.
Mitraell's atlas 40-51 lvl. C 275 000 Adena Lost Mitraell's atlas - the unique source of infromation about hidden places of Elmoraden. While reading of this book, the chars of 40-51 levels get extra experience.
Einhovant's vedas 52-60 lvl. B 375 000 Adena The book of ancient Einhasad legends written by Einhovant during his travellings. While reading of this book, the chars of 52-60 levels get extra experience.
Arkenia's grimoire 61-75 lvl. A 750 000 Adena The spellbook that contains rituals of demons summonings, left by Arkenia on the sacrifice altar. While reading of this book, the chars of 61-75 levels get extra experience.
Beora's folio 76-85 lvl. S 2 200 000 Adena The book that was found in the forbidden temple of the Elf queen Beora. Contains the knowledge about first magical spells that were gifted to humans. While reading of this book, the chars of 76-85 levels get extra experience.

Experience for reading

Elder Librarian Vernad:

Do you want to know the result of our scientific researches? This is good question, I also want to have detailed information about the amount of spells and magical techniques, about all detailed points of all unknown places and all miracles that they hide. But it's not possible.

The Guild only recently open the doors to the Sky Library to all visitors, and it's to early to speak about what results our researchers can reach out. If the magisters will be sure that the world is ready for the knowledge that for centuries were hidden in our archives, then you can have more profit from the readings. But if the claim the world not to be ready, then the information from the books will become easier and some of the books could be expelled from the open access.

The only I can tell — among open archives of the library, there's hidded words. If you'll be lucky enough to find them, your new knowledge would be added by special useful items, that you'll might need in future.

Let the Wise path guides you, for all Einhasad's will!



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